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35 Results
Burn out —Kropp, Paul.

Three teenagers try to deal with a mysterious set of fires only to end up trapped in the basement of a burning house set on fire by arsonists.

The Shadow Queen a novel —Gulland, Sandra, author.
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Paris, 1660. As the daughter of itinerant actors, Claudette always thought her future lay in the theater. But a series of chance encounters pulls her into the orbit of Athenais de Montespan, the mistress to Louis XIV. Ne...

Mistress of the sun : a novel —Gulland, Sandra.

The story of Louise, a young woman in seventeenth-century France who enters the court of King Louis XIV and ends up capturing his heart.

The many lives & secret sorrows of Josephine B [a novel] —Gulland, Sandra.
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This audiobook is read from the first of three books of fiction about the young Josephine who would eventually marry Napolean Bonaparte.

Hot cars —Kropp, Paul.

A teenager faces the consequences of his decision to buy a stolen Corvette from professional car thieves.

Dirt bike —Kropp, Paul.

With the help of a former member of Alcoholics Anonymous, a member of a cycle racing team learns to control his drinking and restore a sense of purpose to his life.

No way. —Kropp, Paul.

A young boy, upset by his parents' separation, turns to shoplifting which eventually leads to a brush with the law.

Fair play —Kropp, Paul.

An interracial couple must deal with prejudice and jealousy while dating in high school.

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