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8 Results
Inky the octopus —Guendelsberger, Erin, author.
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Follow Inky the octopus as he escapes from the National Aquarium of New Zealand to the ocean! Based on a true story, Inky the Octopus: Bound for Glory chronicles the adventure that the reallife Inky might have taken on h...

The messy alphabet book! —Guendelsberger, Erin, author.

Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and all their friends make a mess while reciting the alphabet, including applesauce dripped down the wall, juice all over the floor, and wet, smelly dogs in the rainches

Always so grumpy —Guendelsberger, Erin, author.

"I am always so grumpy. Seriously, don't even try to make me laugh, tickle me, or cheer me up with some sweetness. It won't work! ... Or will it?"--Back cover.

The messy alphabet book! —Guendelsberger, Erin, author.

"Join Elmo, Oscar, and their Sesame Street friends as they splat, splash, crash, and dash their way through the alphabet!"--Back cover.

Goodnight ABCs : a bedtime alphabet lullaby —Guendelsberger, Erin, author.

Animal illustrations and rhyming text present bedtime routines from A to Z.

Can you put me to bed? : the tale of the not-so-sleepy sloth —Guendelsberger, Erin, author.

In this interactive bedtime story, the reader is asked to help a young sloth fall asleep.

Little Red Sleigh —Guendelsberger, Erin, author.

As Little Red travels from the Christmas shop to the North Pole, seeking Santa in hopes she can be his sleigh one day, good advice helps her discover her true purpose.