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6 Results
Pink —Gregory, Nan.

Vivi loves the color pink. She is working and saving her money in order to buy a pink doll from the store. How does she feel when the doll is sold to someone else.

How Smudge came —Gregory, Nan.

"Where Cindy lives no dogs are allowed, so she must bundle her puppy up when she goes to work at the Hospice. A loving girl-and-her-dog story for children ready for sophisticated social themes, portrayed by one of Canad...

Amber waiting —Gregory, Nan.

Amber loves kindergarden, but hates waiting for her dad to pick her up. To pass the time, she dreams of a world where he has to wait for her.

I'll sing you one-o —Gregory, Nan.

Reunited with her long-lost twin brother, twelve-year-old Gemma constantly tests the boundaries of acceptable behavior while relying on angels to help her connect with her new family.

How Smudge came —Gregory, Nan.
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

Cindy, who has to work all day, fights to keep the small stray dog she finds on the street.