9 Results
9 Results
Monkey red monkey blue —Greenberg, Nicki.

Two monkeys--one red and the other blue--who do not want to go to sleep head for the kitchen and make themselves a messy midnight feast, along with their friend Chameleon.

Bom! Went the bear —Greenberg, Nicki.

Bear loves to play his big bass drum. On his own. Making as much noise as he can, marching around like he's king of all the land. It looks like so much fun that soon he's joined by all manner of enthusiastic musicians. B...

An octopus has deadly spit —Greenberg, Nicki.

Describes the physical characteristics, behaviour and many other facts about octopus, squids and other cephalopods.

The naughtiest reindeer takes a bow —Greenberg, Nicki, author.

While all the other reindeer are sleeping, Ruby sneaks off with the present-laden sleigh in an attempt to get a head-start on the Christmas deliveries. Disaster! So when she crash-lands at George and Amelia's house, she ...

Meerkat choir —Greenberg, Nicki, author, artist.

The meerkat choirmaster will only allow meerkats in his choir. But singing is fun and all the other animals want to join in too. A wonderfully funny picture book about the folly of excluding others from your group.

Bom! Went The Bear —Greenberg, Nicki.

BOM! went the Bear is a wonderful, joyous celebration of music and play. Another winning picture book for the very young from the creator of Monkey Red Monkey Blue . BOM! went the bear on the big bass drum. Ting-ti...