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161 Results
The magic & mystery of trees —Green, Jen, author.

Provides readers with interesting facts about trees and introduces the concept of forest ecology. Includes glossary.

Big fantastic Earth —Green, Jen.

Have you ever wondered how the incredible landscapes around the world were formed? Learn about some of the most spectacular places on earth and how natural forces have shaped them. Also, find out what types of animals li...

Why should I protect nature? —Green, Jen.

Simple text and pictures illustrate the importance of protecting nature.

You wouldn't want to be a polar explorer! : an expedition you'd rather not go on —Green, Jen.

A humorous look at the polar expedition of Ernest Shackleton.

Bug hunters —Green, Jen.

Introduces insects found in the Amazon, discussing their physical characteristics, eating habits, and jungle survival tips -- Source other than Library of Congress.

Smudging —Storm, Jen, 1986- author.

"In this story, River and his Auntie demonstrate how to smudge and share why smudging is important."-- Provided by publisher.

Reptiles —Green, Jen.

A comprehensive look at different kinds of reptiles, describing cold blood, scaly skins, super senses, fierce hunters, deadly weapons, and more.

The Africans —Green, Jen.

Recounts how Africans were originally brought to North America as slaves and how they eventually flourished in the face of overwhelming prejudice.

On the tundra —Green, Jen.

Describes the harsh conditions of the tundra, as well as the kinds of plants and animals that can flourish there.

Rocks and soil —Green, Jen.

This title explores the world of rocks, fossils, metals, and more by offering explanations about how these materials are formed and the purposes they serve. Fact boxes and pictures highlight certain points for young rea...

A saguaro cactus —Green, Jen.

Describes the various animals that live in and around the giant Saguaro cactus in the Sonoran Desert.

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