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13 Results
Too much stuff! —Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

From the creator of modern classic 'Meerkat Mail' comes a hilarious rhyming story, about a pair of hoarding magpies, that demonstrates the danger of having too much stuff.

Cyril and Pat —Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

What will Cyril do when he discovers that his best friend is a rat and not another squirrel?

Quidditch through the ages —Rowling, J. K., author.

This text includes all of the information you could ever need to know about the history, the rules -- and the breaking of the rules -- of the noble wizarding sport of Quidditch.

Bear and Hare where's bear? —Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

Bear and Hare are back in their third adventure, Where's Bear? and this time they're playing hide-and-seek. Hare is very good at closing his eyes and counting to ten. The problem is, Bear is not very good at hiding. Not ...

Evie and the Animals —Haig, Matt, 1975- author.

Featuring illustrations by the award-winning Emily Gravett, this is a story about growing up, fitting in and listening closely to our furry friends that will capture the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. From the autho...

The odd egg —Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

When Duck finds an egg of his own he's delighted: it's the most beautiful egg in the world! But all the other birds think it's a very odd egg indeed and everyone's in for a big surprise when the egg hatches.

Bear & Hare -- share! —Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

"Friends Bear & Hare learn that sharing is better than being selfish"-- Provided by publisher.

Tidy —Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

Pete the badger likes everything to be neat and tidy at all times, but what starts as the collecting of one fallen leaf escalates and ends with the complete destruction of the forest! Will Pete realise the error of his w...

Blue chameleon —Gravett, Emily, author, illustrator.

This chameleon can turn into anything and appear to fit in anywhere, but it seems that neither the swirly snail, the green grasshopper nor the stripy sock want to be friends. Will the chameleon ever find someone to talk ...

The imaginary —Harrold, A. F., 1975- author.

Rudger, an imaginary playmate, must find his friend Amanda before he fades away to nothing, while eluding the only other person who can see him, evil Mr. Bunting, who hunts--and possibly even eats--imaginaries.

The afterwards —Harrold, A. F., 1975- author.

When her best friend, Ness, dies suddenly, Ember finds a way into the Afterworld, determined to bring Ness back.

Evie And The Animals —Haig, Matt, 1975- author.

Eleven-year-old Evie has a talent. A SUPERTALENT. A talent that can let her HEAR the thoughts of an elephant, and make friends with a dog and a sparrow. The only problem is, this talent is dangerous. VERY dangerous. That...