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22 Results
Wanda and the wild hair —Azore, Barbara.

A girl must have a haircut when her mother's earring gets stuck in her thick, unruly hair.

Wanda's freckles —Azore, Barbara.

After some boys at school make fun of her freckles, Wanda decides to make her freckles disappear altogether. Unfortunately, getting rid of the freckles is a lot harder than it sounds, and nothing Wanda tries seems to wor...

Where wild horses run —Graham, Georgia

One band of horses groups together as a family to protect a vulnerable colt from a cougar.

Wanda and the frogs —Azore, Barbara.

Wanda brings tadpoles to school, and her teacher allows the class to care for them, but when they are ready to be returned to the creek Wanda becomes worried about their future and secretly takes matters into her own han...

Tiger's new cowboy boots —Morck, Irene.

Hoping that his shiny new cowboy boots will help him make a good impression on the cattle drive at his uncle's ranch, city kid Tyler discovers that how he handles himself is more important than what he is wearing.

When wolves howl —Graham, Georgia, author, illustrator.

When Haze is left to tend to the pups, he hears the sounds of a rival wolf pack and it is up to Haze to defend the pups.

Nana's getting married —Hartt-Sussman, Heather.

A young boy disapproves of his grandmother dating her boyfriend, Bob, because she spends more time with Bob than with him, and he tries to find ways to separate them before their wedding.

Bibi and the bull —Vaage, Carol, 1947-

"Bibi loves to visit her Grandpa on the farm. But when the bull escapes from his pen, Grandpa and Mommy are afraid she could get hurt. Bibi surprises everyone, including the bull, when she shows bravery beyond her year...

A team like no other —Graham, Georgia.

When dad is thrown from the dog sled, Stephen is alone in the sled as it speeds out of control towards the cliff's edge. But the lead dog, Skoki, averts disaster at the last second.

The lime green secret —Graham, Georgia.

Gloria is excited to be the flower girl at her big sister's wedding, and tries to find a way to dress up in her flower-girl attire before the big day.

Cub's journey home —Graham, Georgia, author.

Little Cub learns to climb trees and run and play. He helps his mother eat up all the juicy insects and drink the sweet honey. But there are dangers in this world as well -- the air becomes heavy and dark and Mother Bear...

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