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61 Results
When I was young in the mountains —Rylant, Cynthia.

Reminiscences of the pleasures of life in the mountains as a child.

The dinosaur's new clothes —Goode, Diane.

In this retelling of the familiar story about two rascals who sell a vain emperor an invisible suit of clothes, the characters are presented as dinosaurs.

Ninja baby —Zeltser, David, author.

Nina has always been quick, sneaky, and very independent, a Ninja baby--but then her parents bring home a Kung Fu Master, and Nina has to reconsider her strategy.

Louise the big cheese and the back-to-school smarty-pants —Primavera, Elise.

Louise is determined to earn straight A's in second grade, but her teacher, Mrs. Pearl, is known for not giving out that special grade.

When I grow up —Chen, Julie, author.

When a young boy imagines what he might be and do one day, his mother assures him that he can be anything, and she will always be there for him.

Louise, the big cheese : divine diva —Primavera, Elise.

When she learns her class will be doing a play, little Louise Cheese has big dreams of being the star, but when her best friend is given the lead she learns that even the small roles count.

Ballerina Rosie —Ferguson, Sarah, Duchess of York, 1959-

Rosie has always loved to dance, but when she starts ballet classes she learns that it takes not only practice and hard work but also self-confidence.

But I wanted a baby brother! —Feiffer, Kate.

Oliver Keaton wants a baby brother more than anything but when he gets a baby sister instead, he sets out with his dog Chaplin to trade his sister for the perfect baby brother.

The best mother —Surrisi, Cynthia, author.

After interviewing mothers at the park, the toy store, and the zoo, Maxine decides that her own mother is worth keeping.

Louise the big cheese and the Ooh-la-la Charm School —Primavera, Elise.

Louise, who wants nothing more than to be important, jumps at the chance to attend a charm school run by Claire Eclaire, who is from Paris.

Thanksgiving is here! —Goode, Diane.

A family gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving at Grandma's house.

Ballet shoes —Streatfeild, Noel.

Determined to make a name for themselves, three adopted sisters living in London train for the ballet and the stage and in the process discover that each has a special talent.

Baby face : a book of love for baby —Rylant, Cynthia.

A collection of six verses about infants.

Cinderella Smith —Barden, Stephanie.

Cast off by her old friends, Cinderella agrees to help a new student deal with the stepsisters she will soon have, and meantime, a former friend tries to prevent Cinderella from dancing the lead in their tap recital.

Copying Beethoven

When young Anna Holz, a Viennese music student is asked to transcribe scoring notes for the great Ludwig van Beethoven, she eagerly accepts. She does so despite the warnings about Beethoven's volatile behavior. Beethoven...

Alligator boy —Rylant, Cynthia.

A boy puts on an alligator head and tail and is transformed into an alligator boy.

Louise the big cheese and the la-di-da shoes —Primavera, Elise.

Louise's mother will not allow her to get shiny black shoes with sparkles on them, but when her friend Fern gets a pair, Louise finds out just how impractical fancy shoes really are.

Cinderella the dog and her little glass slipper —Goode, Diane.

In this retelling of the classic fairy tale, an attractive mutt wins the heart of a prince with the help of her canine grandmother.

My mom is trying to ruin my life —Feiffer, Kate.

A young girl describes all the ways in which her mother and father conspire to ruin her life.

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