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55 Results
Pirate Pearl —Gilman, Phoebe, 1940-2002.

Precious Pearl is a swashbuckling pirate girl, sailing the seven seas and giving away treasure as fast as she can steal it. Then she meets Prince Basil and instead of a wedding she invites the prince to join her pirate c...

Grandma and the pirates —Gilman, Phoebe, 1940-2002, author, illustrator.

When pirates, attracted by the smell of home-cooked noodle pudding, abduct Grandma and her parrot, clever Melissa comes up with a plot to set Grandma free.

Jillian Jiggs —Gilman, Phoebe, 1940-2002, author, illustrator.

Jillian always finds a new game to play despite numerous promises to clean up her room.

Jillian Jiggs and the great big snow —Gilman, Phoebe, 1940-2002.

Jillian wakes up to a wonderful snowy day. Eagerly she puts on her sweater and snow pants, but uh-oh ... her hat's missing! Jillian's creativity saves the day. Soon she is off to play, wearing an amazing Martian hat.

The gypsy princess —Gilman, Phoebe, 1940-2002.

A gypsy girl who gets the opportunity to live in a palace as a princess finds she prefers her gypsy life after all.

The balloon tree —Gilman, Phoebe, 1940-2002.

Princess Leora saves her kingdom from the grumpy Archduke by planting a balloon under the tree in the courtyard.

Once upon a golden apple —Little, Jean, 1932-2020 author.

While on a picnic, a father puts together familiar elements from various stories until he comes up with a version his children like.

Little Blue Ben —Gilman, Phoebe, 1940-2002.

Lyrical verse and colorful illustrations invite children in the search of little ben as he dissapears in the forest.

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