20 Results
20 Results
Ghost Island —Gilligan, Shannon.

Provides nine possible endings to a story about children who investigate whether an island is haunted by ghosts.

The lake monster mystery —Gilligan, Shannon.

You are the star of the story! You and your sister are spending the summer searching for Champ, a mysterious creature who lives in the lake beside your grandparents' house. One day on the lake, you tie a basket of bait t...

The case of the Silk King —Gilligan, Shannon.

The reader, as a young investigator, must figure out what happened to Jim Thompson who disappeared in Thailand after starting a successful silk business. By choosing specific pages, the reader determines the outcome of t...

Struggle down under —Gilligan, Shannon.

Your uncle discovers a rare amulet that leads him to search for the ancient Satyrion civilization. But when he goes missing and you cross paths with traitors and crime syndicates, will you make the right choice in order ...

Cup of death —Gilligan, Shannon.

While visiting a friend in Japan, you learn a valuable tea bowl has been stolen. Can you retrieve the bowl before thieves spirit it out of the country?