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22 Results
Sea dog —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

Kyle finds a dog washed up on the beach and claims it for his own; when the dog's original owner shows up and tells his sad story, Kyle must make a hard choice.

Crossbow —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

Matt needs more than a crossbow to survive when he meets a hermit in the forest who may be responsible for thefts around the area.

Something suspicious in Saskatchewan —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

When Katie and Rusty visit their Aunt Margaret's farm in Saskatchewan and discover evidence of a suspicious fire and deliberate vandalism, they think they may have found another mystery to solve.

Alberta alibi —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

Sheila, Rusty and Katie travel to southern Alberta and discover that developers are after Sheila's father's land. Matters become worse when her father becomes the prime suspect after the development's night watchman is s...

Barkerville gold —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

Rusty, Katie and Sheila journey to historic Barkerville where they become involved in a search for missing gold.

Disappearing act —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

Leena O{u2019}Neil{u2019}s first case is a doozy. Her brother-in-law has been murdered and the police suspect her sister, Georgia. Leena needs to uncover the truth. Fed up with unrelenting criticism from her mother and s...

Spoiled rotten —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

When her stepsister goes missing, Jessica must trek through bear country in the dark to try to save her.

No problem —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

Curt's successful life filled with friendships and baseball is compromised when he is faced with cocaine.

Spoiled rotten —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-

Holidays for Jessica and her dad aren't like they used to be -- not with her new stepmother and Amy, her spoiled, younger stepsister. Jessica tries to sneek off by herself for a hike, but figures the day is ruined when A...

Living freight —Gaetz, Dayle, 1947-
Restricted DAISY Zip (CELA)

Orphaned, Emma trades the textile mills and grimy streets of late 19th century London for the hold of a "brideship" bound for colonial Victoria, B.C. But no amount of poverty has prepared her to face her new life. Grades...

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