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53 Results
Back-to-school rules —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964- author.

Wearing his monogrammed school blazer, young Percy Isaac Gifford explains his rules of success for getting the most out of the school year.

Love, Ruby Valentine —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

After Ruby Valentine misses her favorite holiday of the year, her parrot, Lovebird, convinces her that every day is the perfect day to say "I love you."

I'm not afraid of this haunted house —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Simon Lester Henry Strauss is not in the least afraid of any haunted house, but there is something else that terrifies him.

Thanksgiving rules —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Young Percy Isaac Gifford provides a list of ten rules for getting the most out of Thanksgiving Day, especially how best to enjoy the buffet.

Ruby Valentine saves the day —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Ruby invites everyone to a grand Valentine's Day party at her mountaintop home, but when a blizzard keeps her guests away, she decides to take the carefully planned party into town.

Mallory's super sleepover —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

When Mallory plans a sleepover to celebrate her tenth birthday, she has a hard time pleasing both her friends and her parents.

Mallory's guide to boys, brothers, dads, and dogs —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Ten-year-old Mallory's crush on J.T., a boy in her older brother's class, gets her in trouble with her teacher, her family, and her friends but no matter what she does, J.T. does not seem interested in her.

Mallory on the move —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

After moving to a new town, eight-year-old Mallory keeps throwing stones in the "Wishing Pond" but things will not go back to the way they were before, and she remains torn between old and new best friends.

Happy birthday, Mallory! —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

After a difficult year, Mallory plans a month-long celebration of her ninth birthday in hopes that her next year will be wonderful.

Back to school, Mallory —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

After moving, eight-year-old Mallory struggles with being new at school, especially because her mother is now the music teacher and director of the third grade play.

A style all her own —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Isabelle Ashley, forced to abandon her sense of style when she dresses for her cousin's wedding, finds a way to express her individuality after all.

Mallory McDonald, super snoop —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Ten-year-old Mallory, determined to find out what her brother Max does while spending time with his girlfriend, Winnie, spies an innocent kiss on the cheek then tells her babysitter and friends a more exciting tale. Incl...

Mallory McDonald, baby expert —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

When her best friends Mary Ann and Joey get caught up in the excitement of having a new baby brother, Mallory feels left out.

Mallory vs. Max —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Eight-year-old Mallory feels left out when her older brother, Max, gets a dog that becomes the center of attention.

Heart-to-heart with Mallory —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Nine-year-old Mallory turns to her diary to sort through her emotions when she finds out she has a secret admirer and her two best friends' parents may be getting engaged.

A big bed for Jed —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

When Jed is reluctant to move from his crib into a big-kid bed, his entire family comes up with a plan to make him change his mind

Too good to be true —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

Diary entries record eighth-grader April's attempts to fix her friendships new and old.

Mallory goes green —Friedman, Laurie B., 1964-

When Mallory is appointed to the Fern Falls Elementary School Environmental Committee, which is deciding on class projects for the upcoming Green Fair, she rapidly succeeds in alienating her classmates, friends, and fami...

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