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18 Results
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Daniel tries a new food —Friedman, Becky, author.

"Miss Elaina is coming over for dinner ... and Mom Tiger is making two superspecial new foods! Daniel isn't so sure he wants to try them-- what if he doesn't like how they taste? Mom and Miss Elaina show Daniel that we'v...

Daniel learns to ride a bike —Friedman, Becky, author.

When his father gives Daniel his old bike, Daniel discovers he must keep trying when learning something new seems difficult.

Daniel goes to school —Friedman, Becky, author.

Daniel Tiger wishes his father could stay at school with him but his father assures his son that even if he must go to work now, grown-ups come back, and Teacher Harriet helps Daniel and his classmates enjoy the day even...

Munch your lunch! —Friedman, Becky, author.

It's lunchtime at Daniel Tiger's school. Daniel Tiger's lunch box has a sandwich, strawberries, a snack, and a special surprise: a note from Dad Tiger!

Mom Tiger's new job —Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel, author.

"Daniel Tiger learns that his mom is going back to work--she's helping King Friday fix things at the Enchanted Garden! One day, Daniel accompanies Mom Tiger to work. She's busy fixing a broken stage, but he really wants ...

T.O.T.S.: Tiny Ones Transport Service. Bunny bunanza —Friedman, Becky, author.

"A bunch of baby bunnies need to be delivered to their families."--Back cover.

No red sweater for Daniel —Friedman, Becky, author.

"Daniel has been searching everywhere for his favorite red sweater, but Mom says it's being washed! Daniel has to wear a blue sweater today instead. At first Daniel is worried, he looks so different&#x;is he still the sa...

Nighttime in the neighborhood —Friedman, Becky, author.

Daniel is going to a special nighttime story time at the library in this charming new 8x8 storybook based on a popular episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!It's a beautiful night in the neighborhood and Daniel and his ...

Tiger family trip —Friedman, Becky, author.

Daniel finds many things to see and do on the long trip to his grandfather's house.

Remembering Blue Fish —Friedman, Becky, author.

Daniel learns how to handle the feelings he has after his pet fish, Blue Fish, dies.

Daniel learns to share —Friedman, Becky, author.

When everyone at the park has a toy car except for Prince Wednesday, Daniel is hesitant to let him play with his, until Dad Tiger educates him about the importance of sharing.

Daniel's new friend —Friedman, Becky, author.

"Daniel meets Prince Wednesday's cousin, Chrissie! Chrissie and Daniel love to play pretend, and they both love the color red! In some ways they are different, but in so many ways they are the same. Making new friends is...

Daniel's first fireworks —Friedman, Becky, author.

Daniel Tiger and his family share a picnic dinner while they wait for a fireworks show to start on Jungle Beach.

Daniel plays in the snow —Friedman, Becky, author.

"It's snowing in the neighborhood, and Daniel Tiger can't wait to build a snowman with Miss Elaina. At first he doesn't want to wear his mittens or hat, but he soon discovers that playing in the snow is much more fun whe...

Daniel goes out for dinner —Testa, Maggie, author.

Follows Daniel's efforts to practice patience while hungrily waiting for his dinner to arrive at a restaurant.

Snowflake Day! —Friedman, Becky, author.

Daniel Tiger and his friends are putting on a special holiday show for Snowflake Day, but when all the lights suddenly go out, Daniel comes up with a performance-saving idea.