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31 Results
Snakes smell with their tongues! : and other amazing facts —Feldman, Thea, author.

Readers will love learning about what makes snakes "super," like how they can dive deep underwater, can only swallow their food whole, glide through the air, and more! Plus you can learn how snake venom is being used for...

Elephants don't like ants! : and other amazing facts —Feldman, Thea, author.

"Did you know that elephants don't like ants? Or that they have amazing memories, use their ears as fans to keep cool, and use mud as a natural sunscreen? They are also one of the few species of animals that can recogniz...

Alligators and crocodiles can't chew! : and other amazing facts —Feldman, Thea, author.

"A nonfiction Level 2 Ready-to-Read filled with fun facts about what makes alligators and crocodiles super"-- Provided by publisher.

Blippi : alphabet fun! —Feldman, Thea, author.

The A-B-Cs have never been as much F-U-N as when Blippi presents them in this illustrated book that comes with an audio CD and download of Blippi himself reading the book to your child. The CD and download also include s...

You should meet : Katherine Johnson —Feldman, Thea, author.

Meet Katherine Johnson, a brilliant mathematician who worked at NASA in the early 1950s until retiring in 1986. Katherine's unparalleled calculations (done by hand) helped plan the trajectories for NASA's Mercury and Apo...

Adventure tales —Feldman, Thea, author.

"Mini-books hidden throughout this richly illustrated collection tell the exciting tales of Teacup, Bayou, Treasure, and other beloved Palace Pets."--Back cover.

Sadie : the dog who finds the evidence —Feldman, Thea, author.

"Meet Sadie, a real dog who works with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, in this inspiring, Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on one of the winners of the annual American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards[trademark symb...

Time —Feldman, Thea, author.

Describes the concept of time, explaining the different divisions of the day, week, month, and calendar year.

Me and our mom —Feldman, Thea, author.

A boy has fun outside with his family as a storm approaches, and inside when the rain arrives.

Animal colors —Feldman, Thea, author.

Explores animal coloration, discussing how it helps them survive.

Gabe : the dog who sniffs out danger —Feldman, Thea, author.

"Gabe is a real dog who works with the United States military. He has an important job: He uses his sense of smell to find weapons before they hurt anyone. Gabe saves lives! Read his story to find out more about Gabe and...

Sharks —Feldman, Thea, author.

What kind of animal has gills, fins, and scales? A fish! And what kind of fish has sandpaper-like skin and cartilage instead of bones? A shark! Turn the pages to learn all about this unique group of animals -- Back cover...

Blippi : Merry Christmas! —Feldman, Thea, author.

Celebrate the joys of the Christmas season with Blippi, in this festive tabbed board book.

Rapunzel's royal wedding —Carson, Cian Spencer.

Here come the brides! Girls ages 3-7 will love reading about the royal weddings of Disney princesses Rapunzel and Belle. This full-color book features two stories.

Stella : the dog with the big heart —Feldman, Thea, author.

"Stella is a real dog. She is a special dog with an important job. Stella is a therapy dog and she creates happiness wherever she goes. That makes her a hero to many people. Read her story to find out more about Stella a...

Tyrannosaurus! —Feldman, Thea, author.

Discusses the size, behaviors, physical characteristics, and habitat of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Callie saves the day : a lift-the-flaps book —Feldman, Thea, author.

When it's time to round up runaway farm animals, track down some low-down gold thieves, or kick up your heels at the county fair, who can you count on? Sheriff Callie, of course! This rootin'-tootin' lift-the-flaps book ...

Marine mammals —Feldman, Thea, author.

What do dolphins, polar bears, and walruses have in common? They're all marine mammals! And have you ever heard of dugong? It's a marine mammal too! Read all about this special group of animals, and learn 20 science Smar...

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