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148 Results
Weather : hurricanes, tornadoes, weather bombs, and blizzards...how our weather really works —Farndon, John, author.

From wild tornadoes to blinding blizzards, learn what makes our climate and weather work in this stunning visual guide. Fiercer hurricanes, hungrier wildfires, flash floods, and desertification are becoming a part of dai...

How to be good at science, technology & engineering —Dinwiddie, Robert, 1953- author.

Little scientists will understand science in seconds with this essential homework-helping guide. Learn about everything from molecules and magnetism to rockets and radio waves and find out how a hot-air balloon rises, ho...

A history of magic, witchcraft & the occult

"... charts the extraordinary narrative of one of the most interesting and often controversial subjects in the world, covering everything from ancient animal worship and shamanism, through alchemy and divination to moder...

Human body!

A guide to the human body describes the various parts and discusses how different systems work.

The math book.

Applying the Big Ideas Simply Explained series' trademark combination of authoritative, accessible text and bold graphics to chart the development of math through history, The Math Book explores and explains subjects ran...

Stuff you need to know about the human body —Farndon, John, author.

"A fascinating introduction to the human body using large, colorful diagrams brought to life by tiny people performing the actions explained in the text."-- Provided by publisher.

The law book : big ideas simply explained

Why do we need laws? What rights are protected by law? When was forensic evidence first used in court? This book explores big questions like these, explaining the laws and legal precedents, and religious, political, and ...

Stickmen's guide to gigantic machines —Farndon, John.
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"Whimsical stick figure guides take readers on a tour of various massive machines and how they work in this playful yet extremely informative guide to high-tech machines."--Provided by publisher.

The science book

An innovative and accessible guide to theories in technology and nature. Learning about science can be daunting, but this book makes it easier by giving you all the big ideas simply explained. Simple explanations and sty...

Kingfisher first encyclopedia of animals —Farndon, John.

Text and illustrations present information on a variety of animals from aardvarks and butterflies to whales and zebras.

Remarkable books : the world's most beautiful and historic works

A beautifully illustrated guide to more than 75 of the world's most celebrated, rare, and seminal books and handwritten manuscripts ever produced, with discussions of their purpose, features, and creators. Alongside brea...

100 things you should know about special forces —Farndon, John.

Using simple text and photographs, this book examines the training and missions of special forces troops. The focus is primarily on British and American forces.

Inventions : a visual encyclopedia —Farndon, John, author.

"Packed with fascinating facts and awesome pictures, this book explores the greatest inventions and inventors through the ages." -- (Source of summary not specified)

Body —Farndon, John, author.

Mini Encyclopedia - Body is the mini book crammed with masses of knowledge about the human anatomy. Interesting bulleted facts for easy understanding. Color-coded sections help children to navigate the book. Brilliantly ...

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