7 Results
7 Results
Pop! —Eaton, Jason Carter, author.

The best part of blowing bubble is popping them, so when one of his bubbles gets away Dewey sets out in pursuit--because every last bubble must pop!

The catawampus cat —Eaton, Jason Carter, author.

The Catawampus Cat walked into town one day at a slant, and since then everyone in town is seeing their world with fresh eyes.

Bad brows —Eaton, Jason Carter, author.

Bernard is mystified as to why everyone he encounters reacts strangely towards him, but he soon realizes that his facial expressions, more specifically his eyebrows, are conveying emotions he does not feel, leaving Berna...

Bad Brows —Eaton, Jason Carter, author.

Hilarity ensues when a boy's eyebrows go rogue in this riotous picture book from the bestselling author of How to Train a Train One morning, Bernard wakes up to find that his eyebrows have gone rogue. They're sabotaging ...