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30 Results
Did you mean? Dibasic Mark
A horse named Seabiscuit —Dubowski, Mark.

An introduction to the life and career of Seabiscuit, the race horse who set sixteen track records and won more prize money than any other horse.

Ice mummy : the discovery of a 5,000-year-old man —Dubowski, Mark.

Describes the discovery by Alpine hikers near the Austrian-Italian border of the frozen body of a man who, after careful examination, was found to be more than 5,000 years old.

Titanic : the disaster that shocked the world! —Dubowski, Mark.

Describes, in easy-to-read text, the disastrous 1912 sinking of the world's largest ocean liner after colliding with an iceberg during its maiden voyage.

Discovery in the cave —Dubowski, Mark.

A dog named Robot pokes his nose into a hole in the ground. What is down there? Four boys have come with the dog to find out.

Pirate school —Dubowski, Cathy East.

At Pirate School, Pete learns to act like a pirate and fight it out, but when he and a classmate find the treasure at the same time, pirate rules don't seem to work.

Eight spells a week.

Poor Sabrina! She breaks a mirror and prepares herself for seven years of bad luck...until the Quizmaster tells her otherwise. Witches get seven days of bad luck - right now! Eight short stories - a different disaster ea...

Cave boy —Dubowski, Cathy East.

A cave boy gives his grumpy chief something previously unseen for his birthday--and makes him smile.

Pretty good magic —Dubowski, Cathy East.

Presto's attempt to impress the town of Forty Winks with a really spectacular trick produces more rabbits than anyone expected.

Sink or swim —Dower, Laura.

After agreeing to baby-sit for the neighbor's quiet kid, Madison soon finds out that he's not so quiet after all.

Scrooge —Dubowski, Cathy East.

An easy-to-read version of the classic tale in which a miser learns the true meaning of Christmas when three ghostly visitors review his past and foretell his future.

Cat TV. —Dubowski, Mark.

Salem can't stand that awful Tobias the Tabby, and his commercials for Pretty Kitty Cat Food. He could do a better job of acting, for cat's sake! And now Salem has his chance. The Pretty Kitty Company needs a spokes-cat ...

Salem goes to Rome —Dubowski, Cathy East.

When in Rome...EAT! Salem and his hamster-pal Stonehenge are on their own in the Eternal City, and hungry for pizza. Real pizza, from a restaurant that delivers. But instead of a pizza delivery guy, a burglar sneaks i...

It takes two! —Dubowski, Cathy East.

"What's Lil without Phil? Lil's been picked to be in a music video--and Phil is not happy. What are twins for if they can't do everything together? ..."

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