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5 Results
Catch the sky : playful poems on the air we share —Heidbreder, Robert, author.

What do you see when you look up at the sky? Children's poet, Robert Heidbreder, shares thirty memorable poems that capture the magic and beauty of all the wonderful things kids can see when they gaze at the sky. Gorgeou...

Spencer and Vincent, the Jellyfish brothers —Johnston, Tony, 1942- author.
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When two jellyfish brothers are separated at sea it takes all of the ocean's creatures to help them reunite in this heartwarming tale of brotherly love.

Wendell the narwhal —Dove, Emily, 1985- author, illustrator.

Everyone in the ocean can make music, except for Wendell the Narwhal. His big, pointy horn can't go "pop" or "clappy clap clap" or even "whoosh". Will Wendell find a way to join in with symphony of sea creatures?

Are you there little fox? —Taplin, Sam, author.

In this beautifully illustrated hide-and-seek series, children can "spot" the fox through a hole on each page ... but when they turn the page it isn't the fox at all! Very young children will love searching for the elusi...

Hello honeybees : read and play in the hive! —Rogge, Hannah, author.

Two die-cut cardboard worker bees, set into shaped holes in the cover and attached to the book with yellow ribbons, take the reader on a tour of a flower garden and their beehive. Book is designed to be stood up as a bee...