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40 Results
Digger the dinosaur and the cake mistake —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai, author.

Today is the big dino party, and Digger and Dadasaur take a ride into town to get a cake, but before long, they end up getting lost.

Peanut and Pearl's picnic adventure —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

Two friends set off for a picnic together, but by the time they are ready to eat, they have lost one another.

The proper way to meet a hedgehog : and other how-to poems

A collection of poems acts as a whimsical instruction manual to feats both practical and fanciful, including how to mix a pancake, how to make a snow angel, how to be a mole, and how to build a poem.

What can a crane pick up? —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

Illustrations and rhyming text show that a crane can lift anything from a load of steel to a cow.

Good night, Oliver Wizard —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai, author.

Oliver Wizard overcomes his nighttime fears as his father gently helps him get ready for bed.

Grumbles from the town : Mother-Goose voices with a twist —Yolen, Jane, author.

This collection of poems is based on Mother Goose rhymes.

One day, the end : short, very short, shorter-than-ever stories —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai, author.

Very short stories, averaging three pages each, told by a little girl.

Race car count —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai, author.

Fast and colorful race cars reinforce the concept of counting from one through ten.

All aboard! —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

"Illustrations and rhyming text show two boys who meet on a train ride--as they pass through various landscapes and by other hard-working trains--on their way to camp"--Provided by publisher.

Little Scoot —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai, author.

A tiny tugboat overcomes her fears of a turbulent storm to save a stranded barge in this timeless tale of persistence. When faced with a tough challenge, Little Scoot only tries harder. Sent into a gathering storm to res...

Mama loves —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

Some little pigs describe the many things and activities that their mother loves and shares with them.

Race car count —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

"Count to ten with fast and colorful race cars"--Provided by publisher.

What is science? —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

In rhyming text, children learn that everything from stars and rocks to hurricanes and animals all involve science.

What can a crane pick up? —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai, author.

Illustrations and rhyming text show that a crane can lift anything from a load of steel to a cow.

What is square? —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

Through a rhyming game and brilliant photographs, children learn what is square in the world.

Grandpa loves —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

Describes all the things that a grandfather likes, especially what he enjoys doing with his grandchild.

Bella & Bean —Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

When Bean constantly distracts her while she tries to write, Bella finds her poems taking unexpected and silly twists, till she realizes she has written a wonderful poem about her best friend.

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