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49 Results
Métis Christmas mittens Lii mitenn Michif di Nowel —Dorion, Leah, 1970- author, illustrator.

"The holiday season has always been a very special time for Métis families. A family-oriented people, the Métis often didn't have money to buy expensive presents, but instead made practical items with much love. In thi...

A red river cart —Dorion, Leah, 1970-

"The Red River cart is very strong. It is built by the Métis people to carry heavy loads of furs and other things. This book will show you how a Red River cart is made"--Back cover.

My Métis sash —Dorion, Leah, 1970-

"This book is about a Métis sash. This sash is made from 5 coloured threads. The threads are woven together. Weaving the threads together makes a sash very strong"--Back cover.

Giving thanks —Dorion, Leah, 1970-

"We often give thanks for the things in our lives that we are grateful for. In this book you will read about many of the things that Métis Elders give thanks for"--Back cover.

Two Métis vests —Dorion, Leah, 1970-

"A Métis vest is a piece of clothing. it is like a short jacket but is has no sleeves. It has buttons down the front. Métis women decorate the vests with colourful designs and fringes"--Back cover.

Métis people travel! —Dorion, Leah, 1970-

"Métis people have different ways of traveling over the land and water in the summer, fall, winter and spring. This book will show you someof the ways that Métis people can travel"--Back cover.

I can bead —Dorion, Leah, 1970-

"Beads are small. They come in many colours. This book is about learning to make things with beads"--Back cover.

A Métis new year —Dorion, Leah, 1970-

"New Year's Eve is on December 31. It is the last day of the year. At midnight the old year ends and a new one begins. In this book you will learn about some of the ways that Métis families have fun on New Year's Eve"--...

Métis communities series

The story of the Crescent Lake Métis tells the story of the Crescent Lake road allowance community from the perspective of its Elders and its former residents. They are a people whose pride and strength inspire younger ...

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