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29 Results
Halloween surprise —Demas, Corinne.

Lily tries many different costumes before she creates the perfect one for surprising her father on Halloween.

The grumpy pirate —Demas, Corinne, author.

Grumpy Gus is one pirate that complains about everything, even about seeking treasure, an attitude that annoys his fellow pirates--so the Pirate Queen gives Gus an equally grumpy parrot in hopes that it will teach Gus a ...

Are pirates polite? —Demas, Corinne, author.

In rhyming text, this story demonstrates that even pirates can be polite, and say "please" and "thank you.".

Pirates go to school —Demas, Corinne

A rhyming tale of pirates who go to school accompanied by their parrots, learn arithmetic and letters, and want to hear sea stories at storytime.

Valentine surprise —Demas, Corinne.

A little girl tries to create the perfect heart-shaped valentine for her mother on Valentine's Day.

Saying goodbye to Lulu —Demas, Corinne.

When her dog Lulu dies, a girl grieves but then continues with her life.

The littlest matryoshka —Demas, Corinne.

Nina, the smallest of a group of Russian nesting dolls, is separated from her sisters and swept along on a dangerous journey that eventually brings her back home.

Here comes trouble! —Demas, Corinne.

Emma's dog, Toby, does not like cats, and when the neighbor's cat, Pandora, moves in with them he is the only one who notices all the trouble she causes--and the only one who notices when she gets stuck in a tree.

Yuck! stuck in the muck —Demas, Corinne.

When Dog chases Duck into the swamp and is stuck, several attempts to pluck him out leave his rescuers also stuck.

Two Christmas mice —Demas, Corinne.

Two mice, who discover they are neigbors, bring their talents together to create a very special Christmas tree.

Always in trouble —Demas, Corinne.

Even after attending obedience school, Emma's dog Toby misbehaves until she takes him back to become a "specially trained dog."

Snow day. —Demas, Corinne.

When school is cancelled because of snow, Emily not only has fun playing outside with her friends but she also finally decides on a topic for her class report.

The perfect pony —Demas, Corinne.

Jamie is excited when she answers an ad for a free pony and finds McIntosh, the perfect pony for her, but he may have already been claimed by someone else.

The shortest kid in the world. —Demas, Corinne.

Emily is unhappy with her size until a new girl in class helps her see that being short can have its advantages.

The disappearing island —Demas, Corinne.

To celebrate her eighth birthday, Carrie's grandmother takes her by boat to Billingsgate Island in Cape Cod, an island that is only visible during low tides.

Everything I was —Demas, Corinne.

Thirteen-year-old Irene helps in her grandfather's plant nursery, makes new friends, and begins to learn what she really wants and needs after her father, having lost his job as an investment banker, moves her and her mo...

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