15 Results
15 Results
The Soviet night witches : brave women bomber pilots of World War II —Dell, Pamela, author.

The Soviet Night Witches flew over 30,000 missions in planes made of almost nothing more than plywood and canvas. Learn more about the origin of the Night Witches and the amazing women who flew these missions and were in...

Paintball for fun! —Dell, Pamela.

Examines the history, rules, and strategy of paintball.

A World War I timeline —Dell, Pamela.

"In timeline format, covers the chronology of major events of World War I"-- Provided by publisher.

Why we laugh : the science of giggles —Dell, Pamela, author.

Looks at all forms of laughter and how they can be beneficial or sometimes hurtful and explains the science behind these emotions.

Surviving Death Valley Desert Adaptation. —Dell, Pamela.

Describes adaptations that occur in the desert environment, including general adaptations and examples.

Doodlebug & Dandelion : Don't —Dell, Pamela, author.

Doodlebug and Dandelion are preparing for their school's pet show! Their cat, Choo-Choo, quickly learned her trick and their owl, Kazoo's trick is almost perfect. Their dog, Don't, is still confused and cannot even do on...

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is —Dell, Pamela, author.

Did you know people didn't always use numbers or math to talk about money? Throughout history, people have created different phrases in order to communicate about money. Instead of just saying a number, they were able to...