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19 Results
The red sash —Pendziwol, Jean.

A Métis boy helps a stranded representative of the North West Company make it to Fort William.

Every single night —Demers, Dominique.

Simon cannot fall asleep until he hears his father use the magic words that put the world, real and imaginary, to sleep.

Dawn watch —Pendziwol, Jean.

Tells the story of a child and her father as they make a night crossing of Lake Superior by sailboat. As first mate, the child watches for ships, lights, land and logs. Above her the Big Dipper, Northern Star, Milky Way ...

The warlord's beads —Pilegard, Virginia Walton.

A young Chinese boy helps his father count the warlord's vast treasures by using beads threaded on a branch. Includes a brief history of the abacus and instructions for making one.

Thing-thing —Fagan, Cary.

Thing-Thing, a stuffed animal, is thrown out of a hotel room window. On the way down it views hotel guests in various situations. Will Thing-Thing find a child to love it?

Timmerman was here —Sydor, Colleen.

At first the narrator resents Timmerman after he moves into the room vacated by her grandfather who had moved into senior citizen housing. But she comes to like Timmerman and takes a black eye defending him. What is Timm...

The warlord's alarm —Pilegard, Virginia Walton.

While traveling to an important feast in ancient China, Chuan and his friend Jing Jing devise a water "alarm" clock to make sure their party reaches the emperor's palace before rival warlords. Includes a brief history of...

The warlord's puzzle —Pilegard, Virginia Walton.

Hoping to avoid punishment for breaking a beautiful tile that was his gift to a Chinese warlord, an artist suggests that the warlord hold a contest to see if anyone can mend it.

A brave soldier —Debon, Nicolas.

When World War I broke out in August 1914, Canadians rushed to join thinking they would be back home by Christmas. But their initial enthusiasm turned to bitter disillusionment.

Out of the deeps —Carter, Anne, 1953-

On his first day in a coal mine working alongside his father, a young boy is rescued by his father's pit pony, who at the end of the day is brought above ground for the first time.

Four pictures by Emily Carr —Debon, Nicolas.

Using a comic strip format, this book traces Emily Carr's life through four of her famous paintings, Cedar house, Autumn in France, Silhouette, and Beloved of the sky, each representing an important stage in her life and...

The warlord's kites —Pilegard, Virginia Walton.

When a hostile army attacks the warlord's palace in ancient China, Chuan and his friend, Jing Jing, find an ingenious way to scare them off using simple kites. Includes instructions for making a kite from a paper bag.

The warlord's messengers —Pilegard, Virginia Walton.

In ancient China, Chuan and Jing Jing invent a cart that sails on land in order to quickly reach the warlord with an important message from the emperor.

The warlord's puppeteers —Pilegard, Virginia Walton.

While traveling back to their warlord's palace in ancient China, Chuan and the artist to whom he is apprenticed join a troupe of puppeteers and Chuan learns about puppet proportions. Includes instructions for making a si...