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15 Results
Uh-oh! —Crum, Shutta.

Two toddlers have a nearly-silent adventure at the beach.

Thunder-Boomer! —Crum, Shutta.

A farm family scurries for shelter from a violent thunderstorm that brings welcome relief from the heat and also an unexpected surprise.

The bravest of the brave —Crum, Shutta.

A fearless little skunk sets off through the woods alone at night encountering scary creatures, which the reader can correctly identify as various forest animals.

Dozens of cousins —Crum, Shutta.

"At a family reunion, dozens of 'beastie' cousins spend the day running wild, playing in the creek, filling up on food, and making mischief."

All on a sleepy night —Crum, Shutta.

Who would imagine all the night sounds that sing together in one small house on a hill? One little boy hears everything.

The house in the meadow —Crum, Shutta.

In the year following a couple's marriage surrounded by their ten best friends, different sized crews of construction workers build a house for them, from nine strong diggers to one inspector.

Fox and Fluff —Crum, Shutta.

The first sight a newly-hatched chick sees is a fox who he thinks is his father, but a fox can't parent a chicken, can he?

Mine! —Crum, Shutta.

"Crum uses only the title word (if you don't count a single "Woof?"), but the various inflections speak volumes about the comic dynamics of sharing...[Barton's] dizzyingly expressive digitized pencil sketches seem to be ...

Who took my hairy toe? —Crum, Shutta.

An old man known for taking what isn't his picks up the wrong thing one Halloween night, and its owner wants it back.

Click! : written by Shutta Crum ; illustrated by John Beder. —Crum, Shutta.

A little cub and a small hunter wander away from the safety of their mothers to find themselves face to face.

Thomas and the dragon queen —Crum, Shutta.

When the princess is kidnapped by a dragon queen, thirteen-year-old Thomas, a new--and very small--squire-in-training boldly sets out on a quest to rescue her.

A family for Old Mill Farm —Crum, Shutta.

When animals seeking new homes see Old Mill Farm, they know that it is just right, while human house-hunters, shown a variety of houses by their realtor, finally make clear what they are truly seeking and wind up at the ...

Mouseling's words —Crum, Shutta, author.

A young mouse ventures out of the family nest to find the greatest adventure of all: reading.

My mountain song —Crum, Shutta.

One summer day on her great-grandparents' Kentucky farm, a squabble with her cousin Melvin spurs Brenda Gail to begin choosing the moments that will become her own special song made of memories.

Spitting image —Crum, Shutta.
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

In the small town of Baylor, Kentucky, twelve-year-old Jessie K. Bovey and her friends confront some of life's questions during their summer vacation in the late 1960s.