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28 Results
Against all enemies —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

The bombing of a government building is the first sign of trouble; a rebel band in Idaho wants to secede from the country and will use any degree of force necessary to achieve this goal. Enter Lieutenant Nathan Dixon and...

More than courage —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

When the soldiers of a special forces unit are captured behind enemy lines, a rescue mission is set in motion. As the risky undertaking proceeds, the hostages are being executed, one by one.

Pandora's legion : Harold Coyle's Strategic Solutions, Inc. —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

When Al-Qaida sends men and women infected with the lethal Marburg virus into some of the world's major cities, a team from Strategic Solutions Inc. launches a desperate race to stop the plague carriers before they can r...

Cat and mouse —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

A clever and charismatic terrorist seeking to create an Islamic state in the Philippines, leads the U.S. military on a not-so-merry chase that costs many lives.

Prometheus's child : Harold Coyle's Strategic Solutions, Inc. —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

With the military and intelligence agencies spread thin, the U.S. is constantly calling upon the services of private paramilitary organizations--and Strategic Solutions, Inc., is among the best. An SSI team lead by forme...

They are soldiers —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

Company A of the National Guard participates in a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East with army captain, Nathan Dixon, as their senior leader. Unfortunately, bioterrorists pose a threat to the mission, and the soldie...

Vulcan's fire : Harold Coyle's Strategic Solutions, Inc. —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

Facing a financial crisis, private paramilitary company Strategic Solutions, Inc. takes a morally dubious assignment from Israel that places the organization in a shadowy region of tangled alliances and hostilities betwe...

No warriors, no glory —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

Nathan Dixon, a U.S. Army officer, is investigating a friendly-fire incident that involves an unmanned ground combat vehicle. This proves to be quite a challenge as everyone--from the commanding officer of the unit testi...

Bright star : a novel —Coyle, Harold, 1952-

An attempted assassination by a Libyan terrorist brings American and Soviet troops into a violent encounter.

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