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Song of the river —Cowley, Joy, author.

"One spring morning, Cam was playing by his house. He watched a tickle of water running through the pine trees. The water splashed and sang in the voice of snow, Come with me. Come with me. I will take you to the sea."--...

What lives in the sea? —Rin, Bo, author.

The sea is full of life. Some creatures are very small and some of them are very big. Find out what lives in the sea.

Insects and spiders —Rin, Bo, author.

Find out about the lives of insects and spiders.

What can tails do? —Ahn, Mi-yeon, author.

Explores some of the amazing things that animals do with their tails.

How does it protect itself? —Oh, Hyeon-gyeong, author.

Describes the different techniques animals use for survival.

Where is that fly? —Ddang, Haneul, author.

Provides an introduction to carnivorous plants.

The farting princess —Jang, Ki-seon, author.

"A beautiful princess wants to find her prince. But she has a gassy problem. She can't stop farting. The King worries about his daughter. Is she under a magic spell?"--From back cover.

What shape is the moon? —Seo, Bo-Hyeon, author.

Have you seen the full moon? What about the crescent moon? The moon rises every evening but its shape seems to change little by little, every night. What is the real shape of the moon? Do you want to find out?

Bubble, bubble! —Lee, Ji-hyeon, author.

Join Baby Bear and Squirrel as they use soapy water to create bubbles and also learn about the scientific properties of those bubbles. Includes science facts and an activity.

Animal talk —Jang, Seon-hye, author.

Explores the different ways animals communicate.

This hole, that hole —Jang, Seon-hye, author.

Explores the mystery of holes in nature that are made by various creatures, including who make the holes, how they make the holes, and why they make the holes.

What a beautiful world! —Shin, Seon-woong, author.

Our world is big, beautiful, and amazing. Let's look at our lovely world by zooming down from outer space and into the ground. Then we'll travel further down to the bottom of the sea.

Twinkle twinkle! —Yi, Mi-ae (Lee, Mi-ae), 1964- author.

This book vividly shows the life cycle of fireflies that twinkle their tail lights in the summer night sky.

The great powers of nature —Hong, Yun-hŭi, 1965- author.

" Nature is all around you. It's the animals, the land, water, air, and more. Sometimes natural disasters happen, such as droughts, floods, and volcanic eruptions. What causes these disasters? How can we prepare for them...

Special environments —Jeon, Min-hui, author.

Explores some of the different plants and animals that live in the jungle, desert, and polar regions.

Where the winds meet —Joo, Mi-hwa, author.

This is the story of a wind that wanders over Mongolia, a country that is well known for its deserts and grasslands. We travel with the wind to see how Mongolians live day by day.

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