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45 Results
Daddies are awesome —Costain, Meredith, author.

Originally published: Australia : Koala Books, 2012.

You wouldn't want to be an 18th-century convict! : a trip to Australia you'd rather not take —Costain, Meredith.

A humorous account of how a British thief would have been punished in the eighteenth century by being sent to Australia in 1785.

My life in the wild. Penguin —Costain, Meredith

A young emperor penguin describes his life from the time he was an egg cared for by his father until he has his own mate's egg to help hatch.

Lemur —Costain, Meredith, author.

Text and illustrations show the life cycle of a lemur from the time it is born until it becomes an adult.

Welcome to Canada —Costain, Meredith.

An overview of Canada that discusses the country's geography, history, economy, people, and culture.

Hauntings happen and ghosts get grumpy —Costain, Meredith.

Examines various aspects of the supernatural including the existence of ghosts, haunted places, and aliens.

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