106 Results
106 Results
Serendipity —Cosgrove, Stephen.

A large sea creature discovers she has important work to do as guardian of all the seas.

Leo the Lop —Cosgrove, Stephen.

Leo the rabbit whose ears are different from all the other rabbits learns that "normal is whatever you are."

Little mouse on the prairie —Cosgrove, Stephen.

A hard working mouse and her fun-loving companions teach each other how to have a comfortable and enjoyable life.

Wheedle on the Needle —Cosgrove, Stephen.

A Wheedle goes to great lengths to prevent the people of Seattle from disturbing his sleep.

Dragolin. —Cosgrove, Stephen.

Short, plump, and unable to breathe fire like the other dragons, Dragolin is in despair until he learns the importance of believing in oneself.

Rhubarb —Cosgrove, Stephen.

The farm animals learn that their possessive love for their dog friend Rhubarb is exhausting her and that friendships must be shared.

Catundra —Cosgrove, Stephen.

A fat cat loses weight with the help of a friendly mole.

Frazzle. —Cosgrove, Stephen.

Frazzle, a prospective mother, learns she must take care of herself if she wants her baby to be born healthy.

Hucklebug —Cosgrove, Stephen.

Young Berry Hucklebug runs away from his village rather than help gather food but soon regrets his decision.

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