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Cook the books —Conant-Park, Jessica.
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Still smarting over breaking up with her boyfriend, Josh, now a personal chef in Hawaii, Chloe Carter knows that assisting a cookbook writer may stir up painful memories. But Chloe needs a part-time job. Compiling a book...

The wicked flea —Conant, Susan, 1946-

Holly Winter's life is a mess. Then her friend takes her to a park that's literally runnng over with gorgeous dogs. When one of the owners is found murdered, Holly has no choice but to step into the fray.

Turn up the heat —Conant-Park, Jessica.

Chloe Carter's boyfriends restaurant is doing well and all the staff get along really well - except for Leandra. When Leandra is found dead it's up to Chloe to discover who killed her.

Bride & groom : a dog lover's mystery —Conant, Susan, 1946-

On the eve of her wedding, dog trainer Holly Winter investigates the crimes of a serial killer who targets female dog lovers, a case complicated by Holly's discovery that she may be next on the killer's list of potential...

All shots —Conant, Susan, 1946-

While searching for a missing Siberian husky, Cambridge, Massachusetts, malamute trainer Holly Winter stumbles upon the corpse of a woman calling herself Holly Winter and investigates a crime that could be linked to the ...

Gaits of heaven : a dog lover's mystery —Conant, Susan, 1946-

Called in to train a dog belonging to a dysfunctional New Age couple, Holly Winter stumbles into the middle of the family's secrets when the wife falls victim to an accidental overdose and the victim's daughter persuades...

The dogfather —Conant, Susan, 1946-

Holly Winter becomes caught up in the middle of the mob's latest vendetta when she takes a job training a new puppy belonging to a wiseguy with a nasty reputation on both sides of the law.

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