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Supersimple chemistry : the ultimate bite-size study guide —Saunders, N. (Nigel), author.

"Each topic is fully illustrated to support the information, make the facts crystal clear, and bring the science to life. A large central image explains the idea visually and each topic is summed up on a single page, hel...

Don't read this book before dinner! : revolting tales of foul food, icky animals, horrible history, and more —Claybourne, Anna, author.

"Surprsing, and disgusting, facts and stories about animals, nature and the world around us"-- Provided by publisher.

Mythopedia : an encyclopedia of mythical beasts and their magical tales —Good Wives and Warriors (Partnership), author, illustrator.

From the West African fable of Anansi the Spider, to Michabo, the magical hare who rebuilt the world and Tanuki, the sweet but troublesome raccoon-dog of Japanese folklore, Mythopedia is an encyclopedia of mythical creat...

The mermaid atlas : merfolk of the world —Claybourne, Anna, author.

The Mermaid Atlas will be your ultimate companion in discovering all your merfolk facts! All over the world, wherever there's water, there are stories, legends and eyewitness accounts of mermaids. These magical, mesmeriz...

History's mysteries : legend and lore : curious clues, cold cases, and puzzles from the past —Claybourne, Anna, author.

"Interesting and curious historical legends and their background, for children"-- Provided by publisher.

Don't read this book before bed : Thrills, chilld and hauntingly true stories —Claybourne, Anna, author.

"This spooky spine-tingler is filled with delightfully frightful true stories of real-life monsters, doomed domains, menacing mysteries, strange disappearances, and so much more. Meet ghosts, ghouls, and zombies. Go insi...

Why don't fish drown? : & other vital questions about the animal kingdom —Claybourne, Anna, author.

'Why Don't Fish Drown?' is an irreverent and informative introduction to tricky questions about natural history, getting to the heart of the fascinating world of the animal kingdom and its varied cast. Lighthearted but s...

Human body!

A guide to the human body describes the various parts and discusses how different systems work.

100 most feared creatures —Claybourne, Anna, author.

Identifies one hundred of the most feared creatures on the planet and describes their size, defense mechanisms, and physical characteristics.

Survival —Claybourne, Anna, author.

Profiles twenty endangered species around the world, including snow leopards, bumblebees, and mountain gorillas, and discusses the dangers they face, the action being taken to protect them and their vital importance on E...

Smelly farts and other body horrors —Claybourne, Anna, author.

"Gurgle, burp, ooze, and squirt--sometimes our bodies do the most disgusting things! Our bodies are food-processing factories that produce oils and gases and waste. From making sticky earwax and stinky sweat to letting o...

100 most awesome things on the planet —Claybourne, Anna, author.

Presents information about amazing things which are grouped into categories such as "awesome human creations" and "awesome natural wonders."

Can you hear sounds in space? : and other questions about sound —Claybourne, Anna, author.

"Which animal has the best hearing? Just how fast is a supersonic plane? Can you hear sounds in space? answers all these intriguing questions about the science of sound, and much more"-- Provided by publisher.

100 most dangerous things on the planet —Claybourne, Anna, author.

A survival guide presents information on the risk of undergoing one hundred dangerous experiences, the odds of surviving each situation, and what to do in the event that they occur.

100 most disgusting things on the planet —Claybourne, Anna, author.

Presents facts about disgusting things, organized into such categories as animals, food, and the human body.

Eye teasers —Claybourne, Anna, author.

Those studying art spend a long time learning about how to create the right perspective. Depending on what's around a tree or animal, the main part of the image can look different, bigger, smaller, closer, or farther awa...

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