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3 Results
West of penance —Clagett, Thomas D., 1956- author.
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"Territory of New Mexico, 1875. Archbishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy needs money to complete the new cathedral he's building in Santa Fe. He comes to see Father Clement Grantaire, pastor of a small parish near the Texas border,...

Line of glory a novel of the Alamo —Clagett, Thomas D., 1956-
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"The final 13 hours at the Alamo began around 5 o'clock on the afternoon of March 5, 1836. Colonel William Barrett Travis drew a line in the dirt and asked all those who would stay and fight to cross it. Destinies played...

The pursuit of Murieta a western novel —Clagett, Thomas D., 1956-
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"t's 1853. The notorious bandit Joaquin Murieta and his gang have ravaged the infant state of California for three years. Now, he wants to return to his wife in Mexico. He has no idea that California Rangers led by Ambro...