188 Results
188 Results
The captain contest —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
8 available of 10 items

The dog that pitched a no-hitter —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
5 available of 8 items

Mike's telepathic dog Harry is able to send him secret signals about the opposing players on the baseball field, but Mike's weak pitching arm requires them to find another plan to save the game.

Snowboard maverick —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
7 available of 8 items

Having just begun to learn how to snowboard, thirteen-year-old Dennis faces a frightening challenge when he allows a bully to shame him into racing on a difficult slope.

Ice magic —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
16 available of 18 items

The twins' toy hockey game seems to be magic as it plays games identical to the real ones before they even happen.

Tackle without a team —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
9 available of 11 items

Unjustly dismissed from the football team for drug possession, Scott learns that only by finding out who planted the marijuana in his duffel bag can he clear himself with his parents.

Little Lefty —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
0 available of 2 items

Bill Bailey achieves his goal - to pitch for his Little League baseball team. Grades 3-5.

Look who's playing first base —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
5 available of 7 items

Mike Hagin offers his new friend from Russia the first baseman's position on the little league team before he finds out the boy can't play baseball.

The lucky baseball bat —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
5 available of 7 items

Marty loses his lucky baseball bat, and his confidence along with it, and wonders if he will recover both in time to help the Tigers win the championship.

The hockey machine —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
21 available of 22 items

Abducted by a "fan" and forced to become a member of a professional junior hockey team, thirteen-year-old star center, Steve Crandall quickly realizes that he must play not only to win but to survive.

The kid who only hit homers —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
6 available of 9 items

A boy becomes a phenomenal baseball player one summer when a mysterious stranger resembling Babe Ruth befriends him.

The spy on third base —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
9 available of 10 items

A third baseman is sick with anxiety about whether or not to help his team by using his knack for knowing where the batter is going to hit the ball.

Snowboard champ —Mantell, Paul.
4 available of 5 items

When Matt Harper steps off the plane, he knows his life is about to change. For one thing, he'll be living with his uncle for a year. For another, compared to Chicago, Dragon Valley is tiny. But so long as Matt can hit t...

Miracle at the plate —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
2 available of 4 items

Skeeter is the best batter in the league but seems to be all thumbs when fielding or trying to make friends.

Wingman on ice. —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
14 available of 15 items

A young boy determines to polish his hockey games before using his Christmas present -- a new stick.

Dirt bike runaway —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
7 available of 9 items

A shy, unhappy sixteen-year-old with a talent for working with motorcycles runs away from his foster home and gets involved with a variety of people, both bad and good.

The diamond champs. —Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997.
3 available of 4 items

An aura of intrigue surrounds a baseball couch obsessed with the idea of turning a bunch of handpicked beginners into champions in one season.

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