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Rats —Chancellor, Deborah.

"Advice for kids on how to choose and care for a pet rat, including housing, diet, and keeping rats healthy"--Provided by publisher.

Ambulance rescue —Chancellor, Deborah.

"Introduces readers to eight different ambulance rescue vehicles, such as helicopters and army ambulances, and explains how each emergency vehicle is used by paramedics to help injured people in different situations. Inc...

First picture atlas —Chancellor, Deborah, author.

Take an exciting journey around the world and explore every country on Earth. Beautifully illustrated by award-winning Anthony Lewis, the colorful maps, plus lively and informative text make this an essential atlas for y...

Best friends —Chancellor, Deborah.

"This guide for girls gives advice on things to do with best friends, including sleepovers, parties, secrets and dares, texts and blogs, and friendship gifts"--Provided by publisher.

Who did that? : Sasha learns about taking responsibility —Chancellor, Deborah, author.

This story expores the issue of responsibility and owning up to our actions. In the story, seven-year old Sasha smashes a window by accident but blames her little brother Henry. When Henry runs away Sasha has to confess ...

Star performer —Chancellor, Deborah.

"This guide for girls gives advice on creative performances, including singing and songwriting, acting and playwriting, hot music tips, stories and poems, and staging a performance"--Provided by publisher.

Police rescue —Chancellor, Deborah.

"Introduces readers to nine different emergency vehicles, such as police cars, boats, and helicopters, through diagramming and defining the characteristics and emergency situations in which each is used. Includes a readi...

Sea rescue —Chancellor, Deborah.

"Introduces nine sea emergency vehicles, such as lifeboats, jet skis, and Coast Guards. Explains and diagrams how each is equipped to rescue people in different situations at sea. Includes a reading quiz and web sites"--...

Save the animals —Chancellor, Deborah, author.

"Leo is sad that trees were cut down in nearby woods to make way for new houses. He has lost his special place to play, but more importantly, many animals have lost their homes. Follow his story and find out about the lo...

Cool creative —Chancellor, Deborah.

"This guide for girls gives advice on expressing yourself creatively through arts and crafts, including scrapbooking, secret diaries, wardrobe makeovers, collectables, and jewelry-making"--Provided by publisher.

Happy and healthy —Chancellor, Deborah.

"This guide for girls gives advice on how to keep healthy, including exercise and keeping fit, creative cooking, skin and hair care, healthy foods, and sports"--Provided by publisher.

Lizards —Chancellor, Deborah.

"Advice for kids on how to choose and care for several common breeds of pet lizards, including lizard housing, diet, and behavior"--Provided by publisher.

Tiger tales and big cat stories —Chancellor, Deborah.

Explains the sad fate of tigers, which are considered to be in serious danger of extinction.

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