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26 Results
In an emergency —Champion, Neil.

"Gives essential survival tips on what to do in emergency situations. Includes scenarios about fire, bad weather, accidents, injuries, extreme conditions, and more"--Provided by publisher.

Wild biking : off-road mountain biking —Champion, Neil.

"Introduces readers to the sport of mountain biking by teaching how to size up your own bike, the gear needed to ride and repair your bike, and techniques and tricks of mountain biking. Includes famous mountain bike trai...

Wild water : canoeing and kayaking —Champion, Neil.

"Describes how to canoe and kayak by exploring the boat design, gear needed, and paddling techniques used for both water sports. Explains the 6 white water grades and other risks and teaches how to handle a capsized boat...

Finding your way —Champion, Neil.

"Gives essential survival tips for navigation in the wild, including using natural means such as the sun and stars and using technology such as compasses and GPS receivers"--Provided by publisher.

Fire and cooking —Champion, Neil.

"Gives essential survival tips for building a fire and cooking in the wild, including information on different kinds of fires. Also discusses how to know what to cook and utensils to use"--Provided by publisher.

Wild snow : skiing and snowboarding —Champion, Neil.

"Introduces readers to the snow sports of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding by presenting the basic techniques, gear needed, and safety tips. Includes famous slopes to visit, picture labels, and rea...

Wild rock : climbing and mountaineering —Champion, Neil.

"Describes the sports of rock climbing and mountaineering, along with the history of these sports. Explains the equipment needed, climbing and training techniques, and how to tie knots. Belaying, rappelling, and orientee...

Making shelter —Champion, Neil.

"Gives essential survival tips for building shelter in the wild, including using natural means in different regions such as the desert, forest, jungle, and cold areas. Also includes information on what to bring for aid w...

Finding food and water —Champion, Neil.

"Gives essential survival tips for finding food and water in the wild, including how to know what is safe to eat or drink from land, plant, and animal sources"--Provided by publisher.

Tools and crafts —Champion, Neil.

"Gives essential survival tips for using tools and natural resources in the wild, including how to use wood, grass, animal sources, and other things found in nature" -- provided by publisher.

Rock climbing —Champion, Neil.

A beginner's guide to rock climbing, with a brief history of the sport and tips on choosing equipment, finding places to climb, and performing basic maneuvers.

Wild underground : caves and caving —Champion, Neil.

"Explores underground caves and the sport of caving by discussing cave formations, the gear and equipment needed, and the five different cave grades. Introduces famous caves around the world and includes picture labels a...

Wild trail : hiking and camping —Champion, Neil.

"Prepares beginning hikers by teaching how to hike and navigate an expedition, what to pack for survival and camping, how to predict and read weather, and safety tips. Includes famous trails to visit, labels, and reading...

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