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6 Results
A more perfect union : what we the people can do to protect our constitutional liberties —Carson, Ben, author.

"Many people have wondered why I've been speaking out on controversial issues for the last few years. They say I've never held political office. I'm not a constitutional scholar. I'm not even a lawyer. All I can say to t...

You have a brain —Carson, Ben, author.

Throughout his life, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson has needed to overcome many obstacles: his father leaving the family, being considered stupid by his classmates in grade school, growing up in inner-city Det...

The Big Picture : Getting Perspective on What's Really Important in Life —Carson, Ben, author.

In his grade school days, Ben Carson would hardly have been voted "most likely to become a famous surgeon." His classmates had already given him another label: class dummy. Then a light clicked on for Ben -- and a consum...

One nation : what we can all do to save America's future —Carson, Ben, author.

Offers a bold plan to stop the country's slide into fiscal and moral decay. Avoiding the political correctness of politicians and the animosity of Washington lawyers, Dr. Carson calls for respectful discussion and disagr...

Star Wars : from a certain point of view : 40 stories celebrating 40 years of Star Wars
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When Star Wars: A New Hope was first released in 1977, part of its appeal was that the world it presented felt alive. Landspeeders and starships were dirty. Droids broke down. And it was filled with cool, weird, and real...

The miracles in you : recognizing God's amazing work in you and through you —Hansen, Mark Victor, author.

"Did you know that you are a miracle? Or that your life can be a miracle to people around you or even on the other side of the world? Inspired by the powerful, true stories in The Miracles in You, you will begin noticing...