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The hockey sweater —Carrier, Roch, 1937-
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"This 30th anniversary edition explores the history of The Hockey Sweater: the places it's been, the people who created it, the people who love it and the wonderful stories that have come from it. It also includes a DVD ...

The hockey sweater —Carrier, Roch, 1937-

With every boy in a small Quebec town wearing the sweater of the Montreal Canadiens to play hockey, one child is horrified when, because of a mail order mix-up, he is forced to wear a Toronto Maple Leafs sweater.

Our life with the Rocket the Maurice Richard story —Carrier, Roch, 1937-
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Maurice Richard, The Rocket, was one of the greatest hockey players of his era and he remains an enduring icon of hockey excellence. This book captures a world in which a brooding, taciturn athlete became a powerful, end...

The sweater

When Roch grew out of his hockey sweater, his mother wrote away for a larger one. To his chagrin instead of the coveted red, white and blue jersey of the Canadiens, the parcel contained the blue and white sweater of the...

Le chandail de hockey —Carrier, Roch, 1937-
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Le Chandail de hockey, cette histoire que raconte Roch Carrier, parle de l'enfance, du hockey et de la déception ressentie par le narrateur à la suite d'une erreur dans une commande postale. Découvrez, à travers ce récit...