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3 Results
Fatty Liver you can reverse it —Cabot, Sandra, 1952-
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

Dr Cabot tells us how reversing fatty liver disease is not only an effective method of losing weight, but can also greatly reduce the most common diseases of today, namely, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Want to lose weight but hooked on food how to break free and win! —Perkins, Wendy
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

This book links brain chemistry and co-dependency to emotional overeating. Much has been written about obesity and the current epidemic we are experiencing but very little is known about brain chemistry and co-dependency...

The liver cleansing diet —Cabot, Sandra, 1952-
Restricted EBraille (NNELS)

Braille ready files. Australian Braille Code Grade 2. If you suffer from an inability to lose weight, abdominal bloating, poor digestion, headaches, allergies, mood swings, high blood pressure, halitosis, sugar cravin...