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65 Results
The secret path —Butterworth, Nick.

Percy the park keeper trims the overgrown maze while his animal friends go to the middle of the maze to surprise him.

Tiger —Butterworth, Nick.

A story about a kitten who pretends to be a real tiger.

Albert the bear —Butterworth, Nick.

The toys in Mr. Jolly's toy shop try to cheer up a sad-looking stuffed bear named Albert.

Tiger in the snow! —Butterworth, Nick.

Tiger the kitten has trouble convincing his friends to play with him in the snow until he finds something that he makes into a sled.

Tiger —Butterworth, Nick.

A story about a kitten who pretends to be a real tiger.

Jasper's beanstalk —Butterworth, Nick.

Jasper hopes to grow a beanstalk, but becomes discouraged when the bean he plants doesn't grow after a week.

Trixie the Witch's Cat. —Butterworth, Nick.

Children will love the fast-paced and funny story of Trixie, the witch's cat, from picture-book genius Nick Butterworth. Trixie is willing to do anything to be rid of her one white paw, but when she uses magic to try to ...

Thud! —Butterworth, Nick.

The deep peace of a magical land is shattered by the arrival of the mysterious Ugly Beast and the deafening thud of a monster. All the animals are terrified. Who will rid them of this unwanted creature?

The adventures of Jake collection —Butterworth, Annette.
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Jake is a very special dog. He's not just good at football, he's the best friend you could ever have -- and sometimes even a dog's dream can come true.

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