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40 Results
Rashad's Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr —Bullard, Lisa, author.

For Muslims, Ramadan is a time for fasting, prayer, and thinking of others. Rashad tries to be good all month. When it's time for Eid al-Fitr, he feasts and plays! Find out how people celebrate this special time of year....

My religion, your religion —Bullard, Lisa, author.

"Lots of people practice a religion. What is similar about people's religious beliefs? How are people's religions different? A curious kid explores these questions within his/her family and among neighbors and friends"--...

Sarah's Passover —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Explains the significance of the holiday, discussing the traditional foods and customs.

My food, your food —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Examines different cuisines and food traditions.

My family, your family —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Examines the ways in which families can differ, such as differing numbers of parents and children in individual homes.

I'm a midnight snacker! : meet a vampire —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Meet Drake. He's a vampire! He sneaks around at night. He likes to drink blood! But don't scream. Drake's not real. He's one of the monsters you meet in stories. He just wants to tell you about vampires. Find out what tu...

I'm fearsome and furry! : meet a werewolf —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Meet Connor. He's a werewolf! Connor changes into a hairy beast during the full moon. He likes to munch on tasty humans! But don't be scared. Connor's not real. He's one of the monsters you meet in stories. He just wants...

Who works at Hannah's school? —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Hannah wants to get all the grown-ups who work at her school to sign her cast! Join her as she gets to know the school principal, the crossing guard, the librarian, and more. What are some other types of grown-ups who mi...

This is my continent —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Noah is using his imagination to go on a big adventure! He and his babysitter, Ruby, are zooming around Earth in their spaceship. Ride along as they explore the people, places, and climates of the seven continents.

Go green by reusing —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Explores how resusing things helps to protect the planet.

Go green for Earth Day —Bullard, Lisa, author.

"Readers will learn about Earth Day through a charming narrative full of delightful illustrations and a diverse cast of characters. Comprehension questions, fun facts, and critical thinking questions keep readers engaged...

Go green by fighting pollution —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Provides a simple introduction to pollution.

Go green by caring for water —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Provides a simple introduction to the importance of conserving water.

Kevin's Kwanzaa —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Kevin is excited for his turn to light the candles on the last night of Kwanzaa. As he narrates through the week of Kwanzaa, readers learn about the origins, purpose, and rituals of this holiday.

I'm from outer space! : meet an alien —Bullard, Lisa, author.

Meet Zeeton. It's an alien! Zeeton comes from another planet. It flies around space in a spaceship! But don't worry. Zeeton's not real. It's one of the monsters you meet in stories. It just wants to tell you about aliens...

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