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Izzy the ice-cream fairy —Bugbird, Tim.

When the ice cream well runs dry how will Izzy and her fairy friends cool their hot customers, make any money, or build a float to compete in the parade?

Clara the cookie fairy —Bugbird, Tim.

The Cookie Fairies are fairy girl Scouts who live in a camper van on a mountain and sell cookies to fund their camping expeditions. When Clara the Cookie Fairy replaces her old wand with an elaborate new one, she learns ...

Lola the lollipop fairy —Bugbird, Tim.

When a new theme park opens next to the Lollipop Fairies' famous show the people stop coming to see the Fairies, so Lola and her friends create a new exciting act to bring back the audiences.

Molly the muffin fairy —Bugbird, Tim.

Molly is famous for baking tasty muffins filled with juicy blueberries. But one day, things don't go according to plan! With every muffin ruined, Molly loses her temper and sparks a chain of events that no one could have...

Wacky wild peek a boo! —Bugbird, Tim.

"Join the wacky wild animals in a touchy feely game of peek a boo! Can you guess the sounds the animals make?"--Back cover.

Camilla, the Cupcake Fairy —Bugbird, Tim.

Camilla the cupcake fairy is thrilled to get her very first wand, but when using it turns out to be more difficult than she expected she calls on her friends to help her use it to make delicious cupcake frosting with spr...

Paulette, the pinkest puppy in the world —Bugbird, Tim.

It's easy to be sad or embarrassed because you feel different from everyone else. Join Paulette as she learns that you should love yourself just the way you are!

Annie the apple pie fairy —Bugbird, Tim., author.

Everyone loves watching Annie's cooking show until Sondra the Strudel Fairy arrives with a rival show.

Magic sprinkles —Bugbird, Tim.

"Discover what happens when Camilla the Cupcake fairy finds some magic sprinkles!"--Cover back.

The fox factor —Bugbird, Tim, author.

When Fabio Fox wins a talent show, his fame takes him away from his friends.What will bring him back to them?

Magic wand —Bugbird, Tim.

"Go shopping with Camilla the Cupcake fairy as she looks for a new wand."--Cover back.

Diggers and dumpers —Bugbird, Tim.

The Mini Mechanics take a look at construction machines that dig and dump.

Tea party —Bugbird, Tim.

Camilla the cupcake fairy is having a tea party! With her magic wand she makes pink cupcakes with fluffy frosting and sprinkles, and serves hot strawberry tea. What fun!

Katie the candy cane fairy —Bugbird, Tim, author.

Two days before their Christmas show, Katie and her sisters discover that the stripes have disappeared from their magical candy canes and they fear that without the glamour the candy provides the performance will be a di...

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