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40 Results
My snow globe —Bryant, Megan E, author.

Forest animals find places to keep warm during the winter.

Dump truck duck —Bryant, Megan E., author.

"Dump Truck Duck honks and zooms and steers his dump truck all through the day, helping the other hardworking ducks build a new park."-- Provided by publisher.

The little mermaid —Bryant, Megan E.

An adaptation of the traditional tale of a mermaid who falls in love with a human, featuring Strawberry Shortcake and her friends as the various characters.

Fireflies —Bryant, Megan E.

Simple introduction to the physiology, life cycle, ecological function and potential uses of the firefly.

Disney's Mickey & Minnie storybook collection

A collection of stories featuring Disney characters includes tales about Donald competing in the county fair, Mickey and Minnie sailing down a river, and Goofy racing kites.

Strawberry Shortcake's world of friends —Bryant, Megan E.

Strawberry Shortcake keeps a scrapbook of photographs, lists, and recipes as she visits friends in Pearis, Niceland, Plum Blossom Province, and Tangerine Bosque.

Apples away! —Bryant, Megan E.

Crunching, chomping, munching, and chewing on the apples they brought for lunch, a group of school children counts down from five to one.

Snow White —Bryant, Megan E.

An adaptation of the traditional tale, featuring Strawberry Shortcake and her friends as the various characters.

Alphasaurus —Bryant, Megan E.

Learn the names of dinosaurs from A to Z.

Strawberry Shortcake's show-and-tell surprise —Bryant, Megan E.

Strawberry Shortcake finds a special surprise for her show-and-tell presentation at school.

Strawberry Shortcake : the berry big storm —Bryant, Megan E.

Strawberry and her friends clean up after a rainstorm that causes the River Fudge to flood.

Colorasaurus —Bryant, Megan E.

Colorful dinosaurs romp through the prehistoric world.

Save the day! —Bryant, Megan E., author.

"Jake is back on the baseball team and he's finally excited about a school project. But local bully Aiden has set his sights on making Jake's school life miserable. Fortunately, help is on the way! Mini-toy versions of a...

Five sweet strawberries —Bryant, Megan E.

Strawberry Shortcake picks all the strawberries she can see, then sows seeds and tends the new plants until she has more strawberries to share.

It's the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown —Bryant, Megan E.

On Halloween, Linus waits with Sally in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin.

Strawberry Shortcake at the beach —Bryant, Megan E.

During a day at the beach with her friends, Strawberry Shortcake lends her favorite sunglasses to Angel Cake.

Glow —Bryant, Megan E., author.

"When thrift-store aficionado Julie discovers a series of antique paintings with hidden glowing images that are only visible in the dark, she uncovers a century-old romance and the haunting true story of the Radium Girls...

Shape spotters —Bryant, Megan E.

The students in Ms. Carey's class look all around the school to find different shapes.

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