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Horse crazy —Bryant, Bonnie.

Carole and Stevie are happy to find that Lisa, the new student at Pine Hollow Stables, shares their enthusiasm for riding and horses and, as their friendship grows, the three girls decide to form the Saddle Club.

Horse power —Bryant, Bonnie.

When Carole introduces Stevie and Lisa to Kate Devine, the championship rider, they know they've found the perfect choice for a new member of Saddle Club, except that Kate doesn't ever want to ride again.

The Saddle Club. Season 1

This live-action drama series is about young girls and their adventures with horses, based on the novels written by popular children's author Bonnie Bryant. The series stars 3 heroines, Carole, Stevie, and Lisa who form ...

The Saddle Club. Horse crazy the new movie

The adventures of the girls in a riding club. A male teenage star, a female journalist, and a cowboy teaching Western Clinic arrive at Pine Hollow, triggering romance at the stables.

Horse shy —Bryant, Bonnie.

After she and her Saddle Club friends return from an enjoyable overnight camping trip with other members of Pine Hollow Stables, Carole is delighted to be given the care of a thoroughbred stallion she's come to love.

The Saddle Club. Storm at Pine Hollow

Lisa takes a beautiful, but violent foster horse named Storm to be rehabilitated at Pine Hollow. Storm has been abused and, having not responded to previous training, is scheduled to be put down. Stevie and Carole notice...

Horse play —Bryant, Bonnie.

Upon learning that their riding instructor is in serious financial trouble, three friends drum up new business for him and arrange a riding demonstration--starring themselves!

Horse trade. —Bryant, Bonnie.

Phil Marsten, Stevie's boyfriend and an out-of-town member of The Saddle Club, is boarding an Arabian at his family's stable. When Phil offers to let Stevie ride the horse, she eagerly accepts. In exchange, Stevie has pr...

Horse show —Bryant, Bonnie.

When three friends accompany their riding instructor to New York City to attend an important horse show, they meet their favorite actor, who asks them to help him learn to ride for his latest movie.

Riding camp —Bryant, Bonnie.

When the Saddle Club attends a two-week riding camp they are excited at the possibility of competing in a genuine horse show, but things quickly begin to go wrong.

The Saddle Club. The mane event

Carole, Stevie, and Lisa get involved in everything from a burning barn to an unexpected proposal. First, Max blames Red for the fire that was really caused by Jake's negligence. Then, Max and Deborah decide to tie the k...

The saddle club. Season 2

The Saddle Club is a live action drama series about young girls and their adventures with horses, based on the novels written by popular children s author Bonnie Bryant. The series stars three heroines, Carole, Stevie an...

Horse sense —Bryant, Bonnie.

While attending riding camp at Pine Hollow Stables, Lisa finds her two friends preoccupied with their own projects and not very interested in her ideas for a more organized Saddle Club.

Hoof beat —Bryant, Bonnie.

Lisa gets her column "Hoof beats" in the local newspaper to tell everyone about the good things happening at Pine Hollow Stables. But it soon becomes clear she is not getting the happy reaction she expected.

Trail mates —Bryant, Bonnie.

Carole is totally devoted to horses, but her father's new girlfriend is encouraging her to spend more time at the mall than at the stables.

Horse games. —Bryant, Bonnie.

Stevie is excited about a great new sport, polocrosse. When she learns that the Horse Wise Pony Club will be playing against her boyfriend's team, she's thrilled. Now she will finally have the chance to show him what a g...

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