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361 Results
Arthur turns green —Brown, Marc Tolon.

When Arthur starts talking about his school project involving a Big Green Machine, D.W. imagines a scary contraption that will turn everyone green.

Arthur writes a story. —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur has to write a story as a homework assignment and keeps changing his idea of what to write as he talks to his friends.

Arthur's underwear —Brown, Marc Tolon.

It takes a really embarrassing moment in the school cafeteria to cure Arthur of his fear of being caught in his underwear.

Arthur and the new kid —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur and his friends discover that the new boy at school is different from what they first thought.

Arthur's jelly beans —Brown, Marc Tolon, author, illustrator.

Everyone’s favourite aardvark, Arthur, is back in this exciting Easter adventure! It's Muffy's Spring Fling party, and everyone seems to be better at the games than Arthur. He's the slowest at the Egg Push and the Bunny ...

Monkey : not ready for kindergarten —Brown, Marc Tolon, author, illustrator.

Kindergarten is just a week away and Monkey is not ready, but with help and encouragement from family and friends, he begins to get excited.

Arthur goes to camp —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur is not looking forward to Camp Meadowcroak, and when mysterious things start happening there, he decides to run away.

Arthur's April fool. —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur worries about remembering his magic tricks for the April Fool's Day assembly and Binky's threats to pulverize him.

D.W.'s library card —Brown, Marc Tolon.

After finally getting her first library card, Arthur's little sister D.W. tries to check out her favorite book, with humorous results.

Arthur's birthday —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Their friends must decide which party to attend when Francine schedules her birthday party for the same day as Arthur's birthday party.

Arthur babysits —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur's experience babysitting for the terrible Tibble twins is as challenging as he expected, but he finally gets control by telling them a spooky story.

Arthur lost in the museum —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur goes with his class on a field trip to the museum, but takes a wrong turn when heading for the bathroom.

Arthur's new puppy —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur's new puppy causes problems when it tears the living room apart, wets on everything, and refuses to wear a leash.

Arthur's tooth —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur, tired of being the only one in his class who still has all his baby teeth, waits impatiently for his loose tooth to fall out.

Arthur's teacher trouble —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Third-grader Arthur is amazed when he is chosen to be in the school spellathon.

Arthur's fire drill —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Arthur helps ease D.W.'s fire fears by practicing fire drills at home.

Everyone counts —Sierra, Judy, author.

Diverse animals, led by two rough, tough rhinos, work together to transform an old mall into a zoo--including the bugs the rhinos said were too small to count.

Farmyard beat —Craig, Lindsey.

The sounds of the farm animals create a lively beat that keep Farmer Sue, the chicks, sheep, and other farm animals awake.

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