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Clifford makes the team —Bridwell, Norman.

Clifford the big red dog wants to play baseball with the boys and girls, but he cannot find a big enough bat.

Clifford goes to kindergarten —Bridwell, Norman, author, illustrator.

Clifford joins Emily Elizabeth for her first day of kindergarten! Emily Elizabeth is nervous about making new friends and missing home. But with Clifford by her side in class to sing songs and play games, Emily Elizabeth...

Clifford's spring clean-up —Bridwell, Norman.

Clifford and his friends celebrate Earth Day by spring cleaning their homes and planting a garden in the vacant lot on the corner.

Clifford's family —Bridwell, Norman, author.

Clifford's family are very happy to see him when he and his owner, Emily Elizabeth pay a visit.

Clifford the small red puppy —Bridwell, Norman, author.

Clifford begins life as a very small red puppy, but once he starts growing into a very large red dog there seems no limit to his potential size.

Clifford, the big red dog —Bridwell, Norman, author, illustrator.

Emily Elizabeth loves her huge dog Clifford even though he is far from perfect.

The fire dog challenge —Rusu, Meredith, author.

Who will be the next firehouse dog? It's time for the Fire Dog Challenge at the Birdwell Island Fire Department! Clifford's friend Tucker wants to earn his Bravery Badge and become the firehouse dog. But some of the task...

Clifford's manners —Bridwell, Norman, author.

Everyone loves Clifford, the big red dog, because Emily Elizabeth has taught him such beautiful manners.

Clifford to the rescue —Bridwell, Norman.

Clifford uses his size to help out in many ways--saving a kitten, rescuing people from a fire, masquerading as an elephant, and holding up a bridge so a parade can pass.

Clifford takes a trip —Bridwell, Norman, author.

Lonely when his family vacations without him, Clifford, a giant red dog, overcomes wet cement, traffic jams, and toll bridges to rejoin them in the mountains.

The story of Clifford —Rusu, Meredith, author.

When Emily and Clifford decide to have their own little parade, it turns into a celebration of Birdwell Island's founding as more and more people and animals join in the fun.

Clifford joue au baseball —Bridwell, Norman, auteur, illustrateur.

"Clifford rêve de jouer au baseball avec les enfants. Si seulement il existait des bâtons pour les joueurs de sa taille! Clifford essaie d'autres objets pour remplacer le bâton : un arbre, un lampadaire, etc. Malheure...

It's pool time! —Rusu, Meredith, author.

It's summertime, and Emily Elizabeth is working on her swim skills. She wants to earn the Cool Kahuna Badge, and she needs to use three different strokes, swim in the deep end, and jump off the high dive. Emily Elizabet...

Clifford's day with dad —Bridwell, Norman, author.

Clifford runs off during Emily Elizabeth's dad's party to see his own dad, who teaches him about dog things such as fetching and digging and gets some help from Clifford when he needs it.

The big island race —Rusu, Meredith, author.

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth are learning all about Mars. The Red Planet sounds just like the red rocks down by the Birdwell Island beach. Emily Elizabeth and her firends decide to go on a space race to see who can get t...

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