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19 Results
Oh my oh my oh dinosaurs! —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

Dinosaurs engage in such activities as sunbathing and creating art.

Night-night, little Pookie —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

It may be bedtime, but Pookie still has a whole night-night routine to finish: picking out pajamas, brushing teeth, washing up, and a little hide-and-seek. With Sandra Boyntons signature charm and piggy pizzazz, this not...

Good night, good night —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

"The sun has set not long ago. So begins one of the most widely loved children's books ever made. The Going to Bed Book was first published in 1982 and has been a cherished part of many millions of bedtimes ever since. G...

A to Z —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

A variety of humorous animal characters introduce the letters of the alphabet.

Little Pookie —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

Meet little Pookie and discover ten nifty things about this fine piglet.

What's wrong, little Pookie? —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

Mother tries to find out why little Pookie is upset.

Silly lullaby —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

A number of animals get ready for bed.

Let's dance, little Pookie —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

A rhyming text about learning to dance is illustrated with Boynton's familiar pig characters.

Hey! Wake up! —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

A group of animals wakes up and goes through a typical morning routine, eating breakfast, getting dressed, and going outside to play.

Merry Christmas, little Pookie —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

It's Christmastime for Pookie! And that means a walk in the snow, and company coming.

How big is Zagnodd? —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

Inside this book, you will find beings from outer space who are big or long or fuzzy or bright or dancey or sleepy! Plus Steve."--Back cover.

The Bunny Rabbit Show! —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

Introduces ten rabbits who like to dance, sing, jump, and wiggle their noses in unison to entertain their audience, but anyone is welcome to join the chorus line after donning a pair of bunny ears.

Spooky Pookie —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

Little Pookie tries to decide what is the perfect costume for this Halloween.It's Halloween! What will little Pookie decide to be this year? Pookie tries on costumes one by one, but somehow can't find just the right thin...

A is for angry : an animal and adjective alphabet —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

C is for Classic! This all-new hardcover edition of the beloved Sandra Boynton alphabet book pairs every letter from A to Z with a favorite animal and an adjective with big personality. This ABC book introduces toddlers ...

Here, George! —Boynton, Sandra, author.

George is a big, old dog who just likes to sit around, but when his family leaves the home, there is one secret way to make him move.

Hog wild! a frenzy of dance music —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.

This sixth collection of Boynton songs features a variety of song types from gotta-dance, to sassy, to sweet and endearing, and includes a CD featuring a roster of superstars singing the songs.

Frog trouble and eleven other pretty serious songs —Boynton, Sandra, author, illustrator.
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Presents a CD and illustrated songbook of country songs.