9 Results
9 Results
Thunder Bunny —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

Bright blue and different from all her brothers and sisters, Thunder Bunny discovers she came from the sky.

A lot of otters —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

As a lot of otters wrestle, roll, and cavort on the water, they make such a commotion of light that Mother Moon finds her lost child.

Grandfather Twilight —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

At the day's end, Grandfather Twilight walks in the forest to perform his evening task, bringing the miracle of night to the world.

The donkey's dream —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

A donkey has fantastic dreams while crossing the desert, and at the end of the day the lady who has been riding on his back gives birth in a cave to a very special baby, the baby Jesus.

All the way to Lhasa : a tale from Tibet —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

A boy and his yak persevere along the difficult way to the holy city of Lhasa and succeed where others fail.

When the sun rose —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

An imaginative little girl spends a happy day with her playmate, who arrives with a pet lion.

Animalia : thirteen small tales —Berger, Barbara Helen, 1945-

Brief tales of wise and holy people who have lived gently with animals, from various countries and cultures, including tales of St. Francis, Buddha, and Siddhartha, and European and Oriental legends.