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Looking for a jumbie —Baptiste, Tracey, author.
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New York Times bestselling author Tracey Baptiste and acclaimed illustrator Amber Ren take readers on a fun, creepy, storytime-ready romp through a forest filled with creatures from Caribbean folklore. I'm looking for a...

Looking for a jumbie —Baptiste, Tracey, author.

"I'm looking for a jumbie, I'm going to find a scary one. But Mama says jumbies exist only in stories. So Naya sets out on a nighttime adventure to find out for herself. No such thing, say the friends she makes along the...

The crash —Baptiste, Tracey, author.

"Bianca Cooper, a normal sixteen-year-old student, escapes into the world of Minecraft after getting into a terrible car accident. Soon, however, she realizes she is trapped inside the game, and the in-game characters wh...

Rise of the jumbies —Baptiste, Tracey, author.

Suspicion falls on half-jumbie Corinee when local children from her Caribbean island home begin to disappear, and she is forced to go deep into the ocean to seek the help of a dangerous jumbie who rules the waves.

African icons : ten people who shaped history —Baptiste, Tracey, author.

"Author Tracey Baptiste takes readers on a journey across Africa to meet some of the great leaders and thinkers whose vision built a continent and shaped the world. Black history begins thousands of years ago with the ma...

The jumbie god's revenge —Baptiste, Tracey, author.

After two out-of-season hurricanes nearly destroy her island home, Corinne discovers that the god Huracan is angry and she, aided by friends and enemies alike, races to calm him.

Marley and the family band —Marley, Cedella, author.

"Marley and her siblings plan to put on a community concert after moving from Jamaica to Delaware, but when rain threatens to ruin the day, they learn the power of lending a helping hand"-- Provided by publisher.