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13 Results
Slow, slow sloths —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

This fact-and-photo-filled book features one of the cutest and most unique animals out there--the sloth! Did you know that sloths sleep up to twenty hours a day? Did you know they descend from their trees once a week to ...

Snail-snaily-snails —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

Introduces the world of snails, sharing key characteristics while explaining how they are regarded as both a pest and a delicacy.

Go to bed, Blue —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

Blue, a little alien from outer space, drives his human companions to distraction when he resists going to sleep.

Who was Alexander Graham Bell? —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

"An illustrated biography of the inventor of the telephone"-- Provided by publisher.

What is the World Cup? —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

Describes the history of the soccer World Cup, covering clothing and equipment, host stadiums, the rules, qualifying to participate, and the most successful teams.

Hedge-hedgey-hedgehogs —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

Hedgehogs are tiny animals with sharp spines. But these cute critters make great pets! Find out all about how to care for a hedgehog in this fact-and-photo-filled reader.

A girl named Helen : the true story of Helen Keller —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

Introduces the life and accomplishments of Helen Keller, including her activism for people with disabilities.

The Underground Railroad —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

This chapter book series pairs nonfiction content with beloved American Girl BeForever characters, offering readers a unique entry point into important events in American history. Here, Addy Walker shares snippets of her...

Who was Jacqueline Kennedy? —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

"Through this engaging Who Was? biography, kids will discover the woman behind the sunglasses. Private and bookish, Jackie Kennedy found herself thrust into the world spotlight as the young and glamorous wife of the Pres...

The March on Washington —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

"In 1933, people from all over the country came together calling for equal rights for African Americans. The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was a peaceful protest and the setting for Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I...

Hummingbirds —Bader, Bonnie, 1961- author.

"Hummingbirds are some of the most beautiful, tiniest birds in nature. They are the only creatures that can fly forward, backward, sideways--even upside down! Their hearts beat anywhere from 500 to 1200 times every minut...