18 Results
18 Results
Christina's shining star —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

Christina prepares for the Preakness after failing to place at the Kentucky Derby with the racehorse, Star, and she also tries to make time for the people in her life.

Cindy's last hope —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

Cindy and her partner Ben are having problems finding a jockey to ride Gratis in the Kentucky Derby. Cindy does not trust Wolf, but she is still nursing an injury to her shoulder. Will someone come to her rescue?

Calamity Jinx —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

Allie must try to save Tall Oaks horse farm from disaster as bitter disputes arise over the training of the horse named Jinx and as other tensions develop among the farm's people.

Star's inspiration —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

Christina gets some tips from a jockey who claims to have raced 1977 Triple Crown winner, Seattle Slew, that makes her ready to take on the world at the Belmont, with Wonder's Star.

Cindy's bold start —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

"When Cindy McLean goes back to Belmont to clean out her apartment, she finds her old diary and is taken back to the days when she started racing in New York, after she fled Dubai..."

Legacy's gift —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

With only one win away from becoming a full-fledged jockey, Allie and her horse Wonder's Legacy set out for Whisperwood to perfect their jumping skills and to look after a broodmare named Sterling Dream that is due to fo...

Melanie's double jinx —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

With Christina sidelined by a broken ankle, Melanie is doing a lot of riding for Whitebrook, but none of it is quite to her satisfaction.

Allie's legacy —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

Allie takes it upon herself to draw Legacy out of his shell. But just as the horse starts to click with Allie, Brad Townsend shows up, reminding everyone that he owns a half interest in Legacy.

Bridal dreams —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

Samantha begins to think all the problems with her horses are a sign that she and Tor shouldn't get married.

The price of fame —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

Christina moves Star to Townsend Acres to keep him safe from a stalker but soon suspects that the stable's owner will force her to breed the horse with one of his mares as payment.

Samantha's Irish luck —Anderson, Mary Newhall.

Samantha and Tor are enjoying their honeymoon in Ireland when Samantha meets Finn, a sporthorse that is a descendant of Red Rum, steeplechasing's greatest horse. Tor is eventually called back to Kentucky, but Samantha do...