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49 Results
Powwow —Ancona, George.

A photo essay on the pan-Indian celebration called a powwow, this particular one being held on the Crow Reservation in Montana.

It's our garden : from seeds to harvest in a school garden —Ancona, George.

Presents a portrait of a Santa Fe community garden, revealing how students and other citizens work together to select and grow annual plants, create compost, release butterflies, harvest edibles, and protect garden beds ...

Can we help? : kids volunteering to help their communities —Ancona, George, author.

George Ancona celebrates the joy of kids giving back. Young humanitarians reading these accounts may well be inspired to find ways that they can help, too.

Cowboys : roundup on an American ranch —Anderson, Joan, 1943-

A pictorial essay on cowboys, focusing on the annual round-up at the Eby Ranch in Faywood, New Mexico.

Handtalk : an ABC of finger spelling & sign language —Charlip, Remy.

An introduction to two kinds of sign language: finger spelling, or forming words letter by letter with the fingers, and signing, or making signs with one or two hands for each word or idea.

Podemos ser amigos —Ancona, George, author.

Describes how children can help their communities in different ways, from tending a community garden and training service dogs to volunteering to help people with disabilities and mentoring younger students. "No importa ...

The first Thanksgiving feast —Anderson, Joan.

Recreates the first harvest feast celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621 using the Pilgrim and Indian actors and the seventeenth-century setting of Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Sally's submarine —Anderson, Joan.

Sally's homemade submarine takes her out to sea, to the ocean floor, and back home just as her fisherman father returns to the dock.

The pinata maker = El pinatero —Ancona, George.

Describes how Don Ricardo, a craftsman from Ejutla de Crespo in southern Mexico, makes pinatas for all the village birthday parties and other fiestas.

Handtalk zoo —Ancona, George.

Words and sign language depict children at the zoo discovering how to sign the names of various animals and how to tell time.

The aquarium book —Ancona, George.

Text and photographs depict four major aquariums, describing how they are able to recreate various aquatic environments for many species of life.

Turtle watch —Ancona, George.

Text and photographs depict the endangered situation of sea turtles, current efforts to protect them, and the effect of these conservation methods on those people who sell or eat the turtles.

Handtalk birthday : a number & story book in sign language —Charlip, Remy.

Words and sign language depict friends helping a deaf woman celebrate her birthday.

Dolphins at Grassy Key —Seligson, Marcia

Discusses the work and residents of the privately owned Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida, and describes the characteristics of the friendly, intelligent mammal that is studied there.

Mayeros : a Yucatec Maya family —Ancona, George.

Text and photographs present the life and customs of the descendants of the Maya now living in the Yucatan Peninsula area of Mexico.

Harry's helicopter —Anderson, Joan, 1943-

One day Harry's bright red cardboard helicopter takes off with him in a gust of wind and gives him a thrilling ride.

Christmas on the prairie —Anderson, Joan, 1943-

Recreates Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in 1836 in the fictional village of Prairietown, Indiana, to show how the holiday was celebrated in a typical frontier community.

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